2016 Eliog KU 400C° /

2016 Eliog KU 400C° / 1,2m 1,2m 1,2m Forced air oven drying cabinet in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany
KU 400C° / 1,2m 1,2m 1,2m




Happy to advise one of our sales representatives and will work with you one detailed offer. Check with us. Technical Description: Chamber-convection oven type KU ir management: horizontally from left to right Heating: electric temperature range: 70 400 C working temperature: 350 C space dimensions: height of about 1,250 mm Width 1,250 mm deep about . 1,250 mm Overall dimensions: Height 2500 mm Width including about 2015 mm box depth about 1675 mm Door: 1 Heating: about 33 kW Power: about 37 kVA Voltage 400 V 3 / N, 50 Hz external housing: self-supporting steel construction, galvanized steel plate, protective coating RAL 7035, on request and at extra cost, other colors are available Inner case: aluminized steel plate dichtgeschweisst, doors: one crane band swing gate door seal: quality, temperature-resistant ceramic fabric sealing, air-cooled Viton seal exterior insulation: 150 mm high quality mineral wool / Microtherm hot gas blower: gas-tight protection in the furnace roof. the air is sucked out of the working chamber over the heating and for optimal mixing in the blower into the operating chamber transported back heating protection gastight tubular heater, as a compact unit easily removable eingeflanscht in the air guide channel. Cooling: Cooling jacket for indirect cooling temperature sensor: resistance thermometer Pt 100 DIN in the air [...Technical data truncated]