2012 Pul ROTAX Dreharmwickler Rotary
Velbert, Germany
ROTAX Dreharmwickler


Subcategory 2:
Packaging machinery


ROTAX mod. S5300
Extra cost for Siemens S7-200 OP3 PLC
Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapping Machine with powered prestretcch
Wrapping cycle programmable from the electronic panel
N° 5 wrapping cycles
Arm stop in the rest porition
Photocell for automatic height detection of pallet load
Rotating arm on ball bearings
Pneumatic operated clamp to apply the film automatically on the load
Automatic film cutting system with brush to adhere the film end on the load
Safety bumper with reflection electric eye stopping immediately the rotating arm in case
of obstacles in the wrapping area
Unlimited load capacity
External diameter of the arm rotation 3.120 mm
Max. height of wrapping 2100 mm
Inverter operated from the control panel to adjust the speed of the rotating arm
from 1 to 15 RPM
Inverter operated from the control panel to adjust the speed of the film carrier
Powered prestretch max. 300%
Max. load dimensions 1200 x 1200 mm
Power requirement 400 V, 50 HZ (3-phases + neutral + ground)
Maximum wrapping height 2600 mm
Mechanical prestretch 100% with film tension adjustablewith electromagnetic
brake (not powered). For S 3200 only
Perimetrical safety fences about 10 m long with electric eyes
Additional movable control box
Set of electric eye controlling the entry or exit of the pallet. (price for one set )
Set of electric eyes with autodiagnostic and control box (price for one set to be )
placed at the entry or exit of the machine)
Film welding system pneumatically operated (Dabber System)
Hot air film welding system to be placed outside the machine area
Out-of-film and film breackage control