2006 Venjakob Painting line with
Kehra, Estonia


Condition info:
Used machine in full working order
Machine Tools equipment in Estonia


Linе consists of
1. Driven infeed rollerconveyor. 2. Sandingmachine with dish and round brushes. 3. IR- Preheating. 4. Spraying cabine COOLAC 5. 90 degree angle transfer 6. Cross conveyor 7. Drying ( cross ) drying nozzle cabin. No OIR, but line prepared fro OIR, for higher capacity
Line specifications
Feeding – spraying nozzles: app. 15 m/min Layup speed app. 7 m/min Min-max speed 5 – 20 m/min Working width machine 210 mm Working height machine: 920 mm +/- 50 mm Production capacity: 4 pcs. pr/min, by workpiece L = 1300 mm Feeding speed drying area 0,4 m/min
Workpiece dimension
Length Max 3600 mm Length Min 300 mm Width Max 230 mm Width Min 90 mm Height Max 120 mm Height Min 10 mm
POS 1. Infeeding roller conveyor
Length 2500 mm Roller width 300 mm Distance between rollers 185 mm c-c Roller ø 60 mm Roller with PVC tube coevering
POS 2. Brushing machine VLG
Brushing equipment. 1 dish brush unit right. 1 dish brush unit top. 1 round brush aggregate from right side top. 1 round brush aggregate from left side top. 1 round brush aggregate from left side
The rpm can regulated for each brush be mean of frequency converter. The aggregates can be manually adjusted in different angles
Length 5000 mm Feeding speed 6 -30 m/min Production speed 15 m/min
POS 3. IRM – preheating canal
2 pcs. IRM lamps 1 return air ventilator Length of canal = 1200 mm Length of conveyor = 2200 mm
POS 4. Venjacob spraying cabin. Type Coolac
Transport through cabin with belt. Continually clean of belt, with pneumatic adjusted scraper. Be means of scraper the OVERSPRAY on belt can be reused. Feeding speed controlled with frequency converter
Electronic control of spraying pistols
ON/OFF must be programmed for each spraying pistol. The adjustment values for different work pieces/profiles seen on Touch panel. On Touch panel it is possible to see the total meter run + the number of workpieces. 6 Pistol arms with Wagner air mix-pistols. Spraying control program for 99 different setups
POS 5. Ekstra conveyor
1 Intermediate conveyor, swing able to allow easy access to backside of spraying cabin. Length = 1600 mm
POS 6. Angle transfer
Working along/across with transfer to right. Length = 4500 mm Distance between rollers 185 mm c-c 22 pcs. of transfer arms
POS 6 A. Cross conveyor with straps
Length = 5500 mm Number of straps 22. Distance between straps 185 mm
POS 7. Nozzle drying canal
Lengt = 2500 mm Width = 4500 mm With spare nozzles and temperature regulating control. Air speed max. 12 m/sek. The canal/line are prepared for IR drying segment. ( for increasing capacity )
The line are working with OPCO piston pump type 33-220
1 GENVEX system for recirculation of air
All exhaustion pipes for the line and GENVEX