Baden-Württemberg, Germany
M 55



Automatic Engraving - and reducer Brand: Friedrich Karl Augenstein Type: M55 Year: 1972 Machine No. 03.24.55 F The machine is located in an original, museum-like state. With the machine include accessories shown and hundreds of templates. Please to bidders with the appropriate specialist knowledge. Specifications of the machine: 1 Reduction ratio: On this machine diameter can be made cuts from 0 to 140 mm diameter in 0.5 mm gradation, the model pieces to 300 mm. 2 Profiling While cutting a plastic inflated profile is the turning point of the tool bar to the left, moved to the right when plastically flattened profile. 3 Normal or mirror image - transmission: In mirror image transmission is switched to the lever of the Umschaltböckchens, whereby the left headstock in the opposite direction to the model - Headstock rotates. 4 Speed ​​and feed rates. The machine is driven by an electric motor 0.5 HP / 380 Volts / 1450 U / min The router (Scribe) has a speed of about 5600 rev / min.