1972 Friedrich Karl Augenstein M
Straubenhardt, Germany
$10,448 USD
M 55


Serial number:
24.3.55 F
Subcategory 2:
Automatic Engraving Reducing Machine
Condition info:
Used machine very well
Engraving machines


Automatic Engraving - and reducer Brand: Friedrich Karl Augenstein Type: M55 Year: 1972 Machine No. 03.24.55 F The machine is located in an original, museum-like state. With the machine include accessories shown and hundreds of templates. Please to bidders with the appropriate specialist knowledge. Specifications of the machine: 1 Reduction ratio: On this machine diameter can be made cuts from 0 to 140 mm diameter in 0.5 mm gradation, the model pieces to 300 mm. 2 Profiling While cutting a plastic inflated profile is the turning point of the tool bar to the left, moved to the right when plastically flattened profile. 3 Normal or mirror image - transmission: In mirror image transmission is switched to the lever of the Umschaltböckchens, whereby the left headstock in the opposite direction to the model - Headstock rotates. 4 Speed ​​and feed rates. The machine is driven by an electric motor 0.5 HP / 380 Volts / 1450 U / min The router (Scribe) has a speed of about 5600 rev / min. The advance of the button and the engraving tool will depend on the material to be cut and the workpiece diameter. The 2-8 start worms are easily replaceable. When cutting steel, low speed gear set with overnight stays, little feed. When cutting brass, DPN, mother of pearl, etc. faster transition, large feed. The original operating instructions [...Technical data truncated]