2016 Pfeifer technology skylaser skyCUBE

2016 Pfeifer technology skylaser skyCUBE M SYNRAD RF CO2 Laser engraving machine in Plauen, Germany

Plauen, Germany
Pfeifer technology
skylaser skyCUBE M SYNRAD RF CO2 Laser




The laser machining center skyCUBE M - the new benchmark in laser material processing! PFEIFER laser machining center skyCube M MClass = machining area X 1250 x Y 650 x Z 300 mm skyCUBE M Laser Processing Center - the new MClass multifunction laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine - laser processing easy - High precision - laser engraving, cutting with high speed and quality. Our new and best multifunctional talent stands out not only by the new sophisticated design and the most experienced users. This CO2 laser / fiber laser shows for all industrial applications his skills as CO2 or Fiber engraving laser such as CO2 or fiber laser cutting. An optional laser power of up to 1000 watts (1 kW), the CO2 laser machine / laser fiber system is extremely flexible in your production. skyCUBE laser devices meet all the requirements of class 1 according to DIN EN 60825-1 and thus offer a high degree of safety. This CO2 laser / fiber laser is ideal for cutting and engraving of many materials, such as entspechend the selected and installed laser power:.. Various metals, acrylic glass, timber and timber products, wood composites, paper, cardboard, various plastics and foams, textiles, etc. The excellent design of the laser machine to 100% produced in Plauen guarantees the laser user from the metal to a Laserqülle [...Technical data truncated]