1998 Bystronic Bylas 6525 Bystronik
Pfungstadt, Germany
Bylas 6525


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Subcategory 2:
Laser cutting machines over 4000mm (x-travel)
Subcategory 3:
MA714 Bystronik laser
Condition info:
Used machine ready for use


Laser cutting machine machine name stock-no. MA714 manufacturer BYSTRONIC TYPE Bylas 6525 Year 1998 Weight 18000kg Dimensions L 19 900 x W 10 500 x H 2800 mm CNC control BTL 3000 power 3000 watts average strength steel 20 mm stainless steel 8 mm ALU 6 mm laser gas N2 p: 5 bar at 12 L / h U p: 5 bar at 27 L / h Co2 p: 5 bar at 2 L / h Cutting gas N2 p dyn: 25 bar at 1600 L / min CO2 p dyn: 18 bar at 500 L / min CO2 p dyn: 10 bar at 300 L / min compressed air first) P = 6 bar/25 standard m3 / h / water-free oil-us / "2) P = 5.5 bar / 4 standard m3 / h / oil-and water-free electricity first) 3x z, 54kVA, cos pole 2) 3x z, 8.4kVA, cos 0.89 , 25 GB, 4-pole, the laser cutting machine has been revised recently and is mintUpdate in a perfect resolved state the following has been revised: Complete resonator glass revision, Z-axis, X-and Y-axis, like new 5 "and 7.5" cutting head features: automatic shuttle table system to increase productivity, since loading and unloading takes place during the cutting operation, safety light barriers in the table changing area, high-pressure cutting heads (subject to changes and errors in the technical data, specifications and prices, and prior sale) EinVideo you can on youtube watch / watch v = I1eJPmyTOCE