1996 AMT VRM 400/78 -
Neunkirchen, Germany
VRM 400/78 - HSR 3,5


Stock number:
Lg 23712
Machine Tools equipment in Germany


Air Feed AMT in short design used year 1996 system consisting of: decoiler AMT HSR 3.5 Charging chair hydraulically Bandeinführhilfe hydraulic feed leveler AMT described VRM 400/78 in detail as follows: Single-sided decoiler AMT HSR 3.5 Specifications Capacity max. 3500 kg max bandwidth. 400 mm coil diameter up to 480 to 520 mm Coil outside diameter. 1.250 mm unwinding approximately 2 to 30 m / min. Drive about 3 KW power spread of the coiler drum hydraulic brake the reel mandrel over pneum. Disc brake Schlaufensteürung ultrasound. Pressure roller with electric hydraulic drive Qürfahreinrichtung. Charging chair hydraulic feed leveler AMT VRM max 400/78 Specifications passband. 400 mm material thickness 0.8 to 6.0 mm Number of leveling rolls straightening roll diameter 7 80 mm straightening roll manually extract roll number 2 pull roll diameter 160 mm cylinder mill with hydraulic. Alligator opening with intermediate ventilation vent hydraulic auger drive power about 7 KW max feed speed approx. 40 m / min. Feed rates at 180 Wi crank angle: draw length strokes (. 1/min) 100 mm 90 200 mm 60 300 mm 45 400 mm max feeding accuracy. 0.15 mm Acceleration about 6 m / sec 2 height adjustment motor for 4 jacks with central drive adjustment about 900 to 1.2 [...Technical data truncated]