2016 Hezinger CutLine HGR3016 Hydraulic
Kornwestheim, Germany
Hezinger CutLine


Subcategory 2:
Plate shears - hydr. over 13mm plate thickness
Subcategory 3:
Hydraulic Shear


Working width: 3,050 mm Cutting Capacity rating: 16/12 mm multi-ball bearing blade guide Motorized back gauge with ball screws with fold-stop rail to separate oversized sheets Freqünzgeregelter back gauge motor Proportional holding-plate thickness-dependent protected blades for mild steel and stainless steel back cover by photocell cutting angle blade gap adjustment cutting length cutting line illumination footswitch NC control ELGO P40 T code backgauge automatic cutting angle control, manual blade gap adjustment cutting length adjustment stroke counter cutter bar guide The HGR Series combines the advantages of the swing beam technology in a gate-guided guillotine shears. By a variety of ball-bearing roller guides (see photo at right) of the cutter bar is moved in the backdrop; the angle of intersection is just like the kerf arbitrary. Separation is a swing cut the cutter bar. Front plate handling package material Gentle sheet support, consisting of: 1 angle stop from solid material, length 1,000 mm with T-slot, scale and stop cam 2 supporting arms made of solid material, length 1,000 mm with T-slot, scale and stop cam sectionalized metal cover from the cutting table with inset low-friction ball rolls down device with material protection Teflon protective screens [...Technical data truncated]