2016 APW Europe 3015 BB
Schweinfurt, Germany
APW Europe
3015 BB




CNC ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting system for all materials Allfi CUT cutting head system! 6 months warranty! Manufacturer: APW EUROPE Type: APW 1530 BA traverse (XYZ): 1,500 x 3,000 x 150 mm exhibition machine - new. Old price: euros plus postage. Tax Summary. Accuracy: +/- 0.03 mm Thermal separation of water basins and guidance system. This no vibration transmission through the cutting process on the guide system. Extremely stiff and solid machine base made of painted steel & stainless steel covers. Concealed and protected linear guides and ball screws. Aaskawa servo system for the drives water basin made of stainless steel with overflow protection cutting software APWCut APW high pressure pump Accustream with max. 4100 bar Abrasive hopper for abrasive Abrasive pressure conveying in intermediate container for even and efficient cutting Allfi abrasive metering with electronic adjustment on derTraverse IPC control in external control cabinet with integrated Siemens PLC system, cut for process-safe. Easily programmable PC control with integrated CAD / CAM system tools for installation and maintenance of the plant spare parts package including high-pressure pump! Starter inter alia with various nozzles and Fokussierrohren included - special grooving for example, Glass - Optional: IGEMS CAD / CAM software with Nesting including Pos. [...Technical data truncated]