2016 Sahinler Raptor PSS175-H5 Steelworker
Altdorf bei Nürnberg, Germany
Sahinler Raptor


Subcategory 2:
Section steel shears over 80t punching power
Subcategory 3:


Steelworker Raptor PSS175-H5 with double acting hydraulic cylinders combined steel worker and punch with a 5 foot-operated stations and processing cycle times as high 22 strokes / min at 20 mm for high-quality work fast, heavy and solid all-steel welded construction shots either: Mubea, Kingsland or Peddinghaus punching and cutting operations are commonplace each workshop. This sturdy steel worker from the premium class can be used for routine work as well as highly specialized operations such as the profile cutting, contour dancing, nicks or notches are used for special. It is equipped with a comprehensive standard equipment - and this is excellent value for money. This premium engine is manufactured according to current CE standards in Europe. Accessories included: - 26 mm punch and die - punch holder - Flanschmesser - Rod Shear - Shear Profile - release mechanism - Central lubrication - keys - manual five workstations: 1 Punch: working height 1130mm with the punching station as holes can at 40 mm to 32 mm thickness or 57 mm to 22 mm thickness and 125 mm to 5 mm thickness are cut cleanly and easily. The punch and the die are easily replaceable. Special dance can optionally be supplied at extra cost. Second Rod Shear: working height 1130mm B [...Technical data truncated]