2016 Hoefer H 120 S-DL
Taiskirchen im Innkreis, Austria
H 120 S-DL


Area of press:
3000 x 1350 mm
Subcategory 3:
Hydraulic feed through press
Spez. pressure:
6 kg/cm²
Total prеff force:
120 to
Max. opening/stroke:
400 mm
Number/diameter cylinders:
6 pcs. / 85 mm


Total prеff force: 120 to
Area of press: 3000 x 1350 mm
Spez. pressure: 6 kg/cm²
Number/Diameter cylinders: 6 pcs. / 85 mm
Max. opening/stroke: 400 mm
For the preparing of the workpieces the solid constructed lay-out table (3000 x 1350 mm) is provided in front of the press. A frequency converter with soft starting prevents a slipping of the workpieces at the charging cycle. The conveyor belt of the press takes the workpiece, and transports it into the press. The press closes automtically. After the adjustable pressing time did run off, the press opens automtatically, the conveyor belt will be switched on and transports the workpiece on the discharge rollerway to the outfeed side of the press. Now, the conveyor belt will be wounded back automatically and a new infeed-process can be started
The input of all necessary parameters such as operating temperature, pressure and pressing time will be done via a touch panel. In the manual mode all movements of the press and the infeed are controlled by the touch panel
Patented aluminium heating plates for operation temperatures up to 120 °C are included as a standard feature of the Model EXPERT DL