2005 Volvo DLS875-9 in China
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Volvo wheel excavator mainly has the following advantages:
1, through the various parts of the hydraulic oil flow rate and resistance to carefully analyze and calculate the heat loss and dynamic matching to adapt, even at 40 ° ambient temperature, the excavator can still maintain a good working condition. No high temperature phenomenon.
2, Volvo wheel excavator pilot oil pipeline installation of oil source valve, and a storage device to ensure the stability of the pilot oil pressure, so that the operation more stable. And the pressure in the working device can be released in a state of being turned off to prolong the service life of the hydraulic system.
3, the cab all use silicone oil shock absorber, effectively avoid the engine over the shock, so that the operation more comfortable.
4, rotary motor for the original Seiko original Korean imports. Running smoothly.
5, the pilot handle for the original Korean imports, excellent performance
Second, the Volvo wheel excavator and other brands compared to the more obvious configuration and price advantage.
1, the whole car structural parts are all made of 16 manganese steel. Volvo wheel excavator body steel than other manufacturers are thicker 3-5 mm, boom, stick, bucket, all thickened steel plate, in the same type of model to increase the structure more solid, more rest assured.
2, all the sleeve are welded, the sleeve with the gap to maintain the accuracy of 0.1 mm. In the set, the shaft, have been quenched and tempered, Zhanhuo processing, high degree of wear, within the set of butter tank depth of more than 3 mm, the shaft rotation in the casing can be a long time to form the oil film, life 5 Years or more. The price of the sleeve is more than 10 times the size of the ordinary sleeve.
3, Wal-Mart wheeled excavator cylinder with a buffer with imported Parker seal cylinder, as a result of internal pressure with automatic drain buffer valve, when the fuel tank for a long time before and after the oil pressure will be connected to protect the cylinder seal, and Imported cylinder principle, so the cylinder will appear pressure relief phenomenon, and domestic fuel tank for the expansion of oil seal, the greater the pressure the better sealing, but this seal will make the cylinder seal soon damaged, and the operation of blunt, the vehicle will occur Violent shaking, the hydraulic system will cause a bad impact.
1, the main pump using Japan's Shimadzu's 23cc high-quality gear pump. Life of up to 5 years or more.
2, multi-valve for the state-owned enterprises in the Yangtze River hydraulic products factory, stable and reliable quality. Can be equipped with imported Parker multi-way valve.
3, the engine for the Zhejiang new diesel A498BZG turbocharged engine, power output up to 48 kilowatts, to ensure that the contact: Zhang Yong Tel: 18863700188 13853709217