2014 Genie 吉尼 TZ50 Trailer
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Genie trailers
吉尼 TZ50 Trailer Mounted Booms 拖车式高空作业平台


Construction Equipment
Boom type:
Personnel lifts
• DC / petrol hybrid • Driving and adjustment options for large capacity batteries • Spare tire • Charge indication • Fluorescent tube box • Hydraulic rotary table • Seamless extension bracket anti-chuck • Operation warning light assembly (flash mark Lamp) • Tool case • 25/16 ft (6 cm) spherical connection • 2 1/2 feet (6.35 cm) ID pivot ring connection • U-shaped connection
Gross weight:
4,400 lbs
Extra options:
Working height:
56.1 feet
Maximum lift height:
49.5 feet
Max horizontal reach:
29.2 feet
Maximum lift capacity:
500 lbs
Aerial platforms


The ultimate extension and scope of work and industry-leading design and performance
Gini trailer configuration of the aerial work vehicle is able to achieve a high degree of value in the equipment. The TZ-50 offers industry-leading extension and range of work and the highest traction speed. The TZ-50 also offers many unique features such as hydraulic outriggers, automatic machine level adjustments, and optional DC / petrol hybrid engines.
135 degree extension arm extension working range
A 4-foot 1-inch (1.25-meter) telescopic arm allows you to position the platform above or below the level.
Easy to transport
The TZ-50 has a sufficient 2-foot (50mm) ball and a three-stage hook hook for easy traction. There are a variety of hook hook socket for the election. Gini's maximum high-speed traction rate of 60 miles / hour (97 km / h) is the industry's highest and can be quickly transported to the workplace.
Double guide wheel
Heavy duty guide wheels allow precise positioning of the machine during installation and transportation.
Outrigger bracket
Extrusion Bracket Anti-Slip Pad Effective dispersion machine weight. There is no trace of the barrier as an option.
Easy to understand control
Ground and table control are very easy to grasp, use the icon to simplify the operation.
Automatic leveling system (patent)
The unique Gini automatic level system is "self-leveling" and is the standard for all TZ-50 models. Providing industry-leading 10 degree level adjustment capability, allowing the operator to use the hydraulic adjustment bracket and automatically adjust the horizontal position of the machine. When the operator simultaneously adjusts all four brackets, the machine can be set up in 60 seconds. The
The system can automatically adjust the direction of the machine to the horizontal position to 1 degree. The slope sensor will alarm at levels above 2.5 degrees, and this built-in error limit reduces the trouble of the tilt sensor, which often occurs in other trailer-configured aerial vehicles. This feature improves productivity and makes the Gini TZ-50 lead with other competitors.
Optional and accessories
Driving and adjusting options
The driving and adjusting options provide the ability to drive the TZ-50 on the workbench while the machine is at its lowest position. At the same time in the storage position, on the table to provide the expansion of the bracket, shrink adjustment, and automatic level adjustment function.
Mixed DC / Gasoline Options
The TZ-50 has a mixed DC / petrol engine option that allows the machine to be charged in off-site.
Workbench rotation
The hydraulic rotary mechanism allows the operator to rotate the table 80 degrees horizontally from each direction.