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Buzzi in Italy Dryer, Flash,
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Buzzi in Italy


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Flash dryer


Flash drying system, manufactured by Buzzi in Italy, dried the centrifuge cake from the Toniatti centrifuges. Cake was conveyed to a feed hopper which agitated the cake and fitted into a stainless steel blower. The air through the blower was heated by a small 3' x 6' firebox with natural gas burner. The air and solids mixture was then blown up into a cyclone shaped vessel, dimensions are 6' diameter X 10' straight side plus 60 degree cone bottom. Inside of the vessel itself there are internal dust collection bags which help vent the air out where it is then recirculated. There is also an exhaust blower which vents the entire unit, shaker discharge. Product discharges from bottom of cone through rotary air lock valve to 6" x 10' inclinded screw conveyor and feed 6" diameter X 8' long horizontal conveyor used to feed supersacks.