The vibrating in Hallschlag, Germany
Hallschlag, Germany


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Vibratory screening machine Used coverslippers to 60 t / h depending on the product and grit, the machine can sieve up to 60 tons / hour. Grain, sand, wood chips, stones, agricultural and difficult flowing products. The resonant frequency of the machine is adjustable by means of unbalanced weights in strength. The screen deck is to quickly switch through two tie rods and replace. Replacement screens are relatively cheap to produce. The entire screen box is mounted rubber sprung and leaves many possibilities of the setting. It can be adjusted using the threaded rods to 120mm. The drive motor is designed for operation FU (continuous Schwingfreqünz) Currently, the machine is covered with a wire mesh with an opening of approximately 25 x 25mm. It is mounted on a steel frame, so you can be festgedübelt without any further effort on the ground. Overall length 1800 mm Overall width 1500 mm Overall Height 1600 mm Weight approx 1000 kg screen surface 900 x 1150 mm = 1.035 m2 drive 2 x 0.5 KW The manufacturer is not known, replacement parts are easy to get, or re-establish. The outlet for the upper deck is centered possible with a height of 300 mm to 450 mm from the floor at the end of the machine. The inlet is at a height of 1350 mm width 800 mm length intake inlet 450 mm The spout on the lower deck is located right outlet DN 100 [...Technical data truncated]