Melbourne, Australia
RIF-A 200145-D


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This is a complete Infant formula can filling plant, currently set up to do 99mm Die/450gram cans of infant formula. However we have the change parts for 127 and 154mm or 900gram cans aswell.
The line was built by GEA Colby in 1997 and has had very limited use over the past years. The line can process up to 40 cans per minute at 900 grams and has a nitrogen gassing system built into the plant.
Filling Technique - Auger/Vacuum and auger
Diameter of Can - 99m-198mm
Nominal throughput - Up to 40 cans per minute
Construction - Sanitary 3 A contact parts
Changeover - Tool free
PLC - Allen Bradley
The plant consist of
Colby Rotary Index Filler (Model RIF A 200145 D)
Goetz Can Clincher (Model 20P)
Goetz Can Seamer (Model 20P)
Colby Vacuum Master (Model 11 FA 2)
Nitrogen gas mixer
Magnetic infeed conveyor (200mm W X 5500mm L)
12 metres of single lane conveyor
Vibrating conveyors
Can cleaner
Spoon dispenser
UV Sterilizer
Toothed belt conveyor
Can size 99mm 127mm 154mm
Manuals and more information are available
How does it Work?
Empty containers are inducted into the filling machine and checkweighed to establish an exact tare weight. The indexing feed table then clamps the container and rotates to locate them under the bulk filling heads. When bulk filling is completed the containers are indexed to an intermediate weighing station which enables exact calculation of the remaining powder required to acheive the nominated weight. Containers move on to the "Top up station"where the final quantity of powder is dosed. After topping up, the filled containers are passed to the final checkweighing platform where any under or over weight containers can be detected and rejected prior to discharge.