Calamari Line KOPPENS CALIFORM7 in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia


Stock number:
Electrically heated:
121 kW 4500mm frying length 600mm frying width
Outside dimensions (l x w x h):
± 2.100 x 400 x 1.100 m
Plant lines


The plant comprises of a seafood mixture pump, cooking/forming bath, battering machine, Koppens bread crumber and koppens fryer.
The seafood mixture is made up in the hopper, which is then pumped into the forming heads to form the calamari rings. The rings are then dropped into boiling water and conveyed along for 1-2 minutes, after emerging from the bath semi cooked rings are battered with egg wash, crumbed with breads crumbs and conveyed into the Koppens fryer @ 180 C (Oil) for final cooking.
The Calamari bath is 7mt long x 500mm wide and stands 1.2mt tall.
The line is controls via VSD to control the speed of the conveyors which controls the cooking time inside the bath.
GEA- CFS Koppens BR4500/600 Thermal Oil Fryer
Automated oil fryer for flash or deep frying of coated and uncoated products.
Electrically heated: 121 kW 4500mm frying length 600mm frying width
Polished heating elements provide optimal heat transfer and avoid sediment build-up
Automatic sediment removal.
Manual chain cover lift
Total Length 6500mm
Koppens B900 Batter applicator, last used on calamari rings, ideal for all meats and seafood’s.
Products are fed in via a conveyor then through the batter bath and onto the discharge conveyor.
all stainless steel
belt width 400 mm
mesh width 5 mm
adjustable speed on the conveyor
Infeed belt
outside dimensions (l x w x h) : ± 2.100 x 400 x 1.100 m