Allis Chalmers Superior 54-74 MKI
54-74 MKI


Category group:
Crushing & Conveying
Condition info:
Very Good
Subcategory 2:
Gyratory crushers


One only used Head and Mainshaft for an Allis Chalmers 54-74 gyratory crusher. This crusher mainshaft has been removed and is currently being stored on site at the mine. The crusher Mainshaft was serviced in 1998 – was last reported in good condition. This is an older Mark(I)ONE, 2 piece, smaller journal style shaft. APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS FOR HEAD & MAINSHAFT : A) Sleeve Diameter 22-5/8" OD (approximate). B) Sleeve thickness is 1-1/4", therefore, minus 2-1/2" of Sleeve on the Diameter makes the Upper Main Shaft Diameter 19-3/4" OD (approximate). C) Overall length of the Main Shaft is 214-1/2" (approximate), keeping in mind that about .25" of the Sleeve is protruding beyond the end of the Main Shaft. D) The Main Shaft is threaded for the Sleeve & an external thread for the Head Nut &Dowel. E) Lower Shaft Diameter 27-1/2" OD (approximate). F) Length from Bottom End of Shaft to the Edge of the Mantle Liner 63" (approximately) G) Length from Bottom End of Shaft to the Dust Seal Retainer 52-1/2" (approximate). Report on mainshaft according to Mine Site Representative: “The mine site representative indicated that the head & Mainshaft assembly was completely reworked and brought back to standard in 1998 under the supervision of Svedala later Metso. He said that this Head & Mainshaft wasn’t used as much as the other and that prior to restarting this Mainshaft it was rebushed, the spider was rebushed and the Eccentric was rebushed all back to standard. Then he said the head & Mainshaft ran for about 3 ½ Months after the complete overhaul for approximately 12 hours per day. This would equate to less than 500,000 tons of rock being crushed by the head & Mainshaft after the complete overhaul. He believes the head is in very good condition and feels that it is not necessary to cut the bushing to NDT the shaft and that it would be a waste of the bushing and money for the NDT Testing. Crusher was crushing a Lead/Zinc rock at about 24” minus in size. He said the material is heavy but that the materials compressive strength was very light and it was a very soft rock. He didn’t have a specific gravity for the rock though. Overall, It was stated that the Head & Mainshaft was in good condition and felt that it was ready to go to work."