Steel Angle Production Facility in Roxboro, NC, USA

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Roxboro, NC, USA
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Facility to produce low carbon steel angles
Incoming billet:
120 & 160mm square / 4.7 & 6.3 1800 - 4800 long / 70.8 - 189"
Equipment- drive:
2 x 500 kW AC motors and 1 x 300 kW AC motor thru pinion stand reducers
Equipment- rolls:
500mm diam x 1050mm face Roller bearings
Equipment- drives:
3 x 630 kW DC motors 550/1210 rpm Through pinion stand reducers
Equipment- spares:
One set of roll chocks
Equipment- rolls 2:
500mm diam x 800mm face Roller bearings
Equipment- rolls 3:
500mm diam x 700mm face Roller bearings
Equipment- drives 2:
3 x 400 kW DC motors + 3 x 630 kW DC motors Through pinion stand reducers
Equipment- stoppers:
Two (2) Air cylinder type
Equipment- cold shear:
200 ton unit 37 kW motor 25 strokes per minute 540mm long blade
Equipment- cooling bed:
7m W x 64m L 200 kW, 1200 rpm DC motor
Equipment- auto stacker:
10m W x 8m L
Equipment- flying shear:
75 kW AC drive Air clutch brake Cutting capacity of 65mm x65mm
Equipment- straightener:
9 rolls at 400mm diam 75 kW AC motor 3.4meters/sec speed
Equipment- cooling table:
33 rolls, 24 driven 216mm diam x 400mm face rolls Drives = 3hp VVVF motors at 0 to 8 meters/sec.
Equipment- roughing mill:
Five 2-Hi closed mill stands
Equipment- finishing mill:
6 vertical & horizontal stands
Equipment- reheat furnace:
Pusher type, 3 zone design Nat gas fired burners Rated at 35 mtons/hr
Equipment- bundling machine:
Takigawa 400
Equipment- inspection table:
10m W x 5m L Chain conveyor type
Finished product capability:
Angles: 40 x 3 to 75 x 9 at a production rate of 35-40MT/hr
Equipment- intermediate mill:
Three 2-Hi closed mill stands
Equipment- total electrical demand:
7015 kW (approximate)
Equipment- cooling bed runout table:
216mm diamx 500mm face rolls Driven by 4 chain geared 3.7 kW motors
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