WELEX Co-Extrusion Sheet Line 41″
Paicines, CA
Co-Extrusion Sheet Line


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Used 41″ wide welex co-extrusion sheet line previously used on polystyrene from 24-40 mil thick sheet at 1500 lbs per hour. line consists of the following:
41″ wide x 24″ x 24″ x 12″ (top roll) polished chrome chill roll stack with all rolls having rotary unions and pump assembly with cooling conveyor.
43″ wide flex lip sheet extrusion die with removable bottom lip, 45 degree “r” bar, internal deckling, and mounted on die stand.
(2) melt pumps, each mounted on a 3.5″ extruder
dip station for sheet coating
co-ex block
(1) 3.5″ 30/1 l/d vented (plugged) primary extruder with 7.73/1 gear ratio, 4.5″ screen changer, electrically heated water cooled barrel and temperature control panel.
(1) 3.5″ welex 30/1 l/d vented extruder driven by a 150 hp dc motor with scr control, electrically heated water cooled barrel, and includes 4.5″ hydraulic screen changer and temperature panel.
(1) 2.5″ welex 24/1 l/d non-vented extruder including temperature panel.
ndc system beta gauge (no control)
2-station 48″ wide single position winders, maximum material x 64″ o.d. Includes ac vector motors.
(2) process control edge trim grinders with nip roll feed and 20 hp motors.
still installed as operated.