2014 Genie 吉尼 Z-60/34 Articulating
Genie lifts
500 lbs


Construction Equipment
Boom type:
Personnel lifts
Gross weight:
22,520 lbs
Extra options:
Working height:
66.9 feet
Max horizontal reach:
36.3 feet
Maximum lift capacity:
500 lbs
Aerial platforms


Designed to increase productivity in demanding construction and other industrial applications.
A short arm of 6 feet (1.83 meters) helps the aerial work platform to enhance maneuverability and reach hard to reach working areas.
Gini's unique double parallelogram lifting mechanism that increases productivity. You can save time when placing workbenches. Can rise or fall from 7 feet to 28 feet in a vertical plane without retracting or extending arms.
From the ground to 66 feet (20.39 meters) working height only 100 seconds to rise. Quickly and safely raise and straighten arms.
Out of the engine chassis, can easily contact the engine and configuration from both sides to do routine maintenance.
Durable rotating FRP chassis covers avoid the dents, fading and rusting of steel hoods and provide easy access to engine and hydraulic configurations.
Full-scale control of smooth operation, easy positioning of vehicles, fast and accurate work area and ensure maximum productivity.
Lockable wobble shafts Lockable wobble shafts provide additional operator protection when the truck is raised or rotated. When the working vehicle is in storage, it can be adjusted according to the terrain to swing the front axle to smoothly pass through the uneven surface while keeping the section contact with the ground to ensure maximum traction.
Coordinated parallelogram and wide arm aerial workstations can produce a solid and stable table.
The universal marker and the visual guidance / safety flash marker on the control panel of the flashing beacon help to ensure correct operation.
Large Angle Steering and No Pendulum Small radius of rotation and no tail pendulum allow unmatched maneuverability in narrow working areas.
Ground Clearance A large, 12-inch (30 cm) clearance reduces the risk of bumping the bottom of a rough ground.
Climbing capability Four-wheel positive traction drives up to 35% of climbing capability. Can easily drive to transport vehicles and work on the rugged ground.
66 feet 4 inches (20.39 meters) working height
36 feet (11.05 meters) of horizontal extension
500 lb (227 kg) carrying capacity
Dual fuel (petrol / LPG) or diesel engine options
Full scale platform control with ramp up / down ramp
Hydraulic table rotation
360 degree rotating turntable
12 V DC auxiliary power equipment
Fuel selector switch and ground control (petrol / LPG models)
Closed - loop hydrostatic drive
Positive traction drive
Reverse Drive Confirmation System
Large angle turn
Automatic leveling platform
Lockable dial cover
Anti-restart protection device
The engine automatically shuts down the fault
Engine monitoring scale
Connect the AC cable of the platform
Tilt alarm