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115 or 220 VAC 50 or 60 Hz 50VA
Relay rating:
5 amps at 115 VAC, (resistive) Form C SPDT
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MSA Models 5100 Gas Monitor
The MSA Models 5100 Gas Monitor use a microprocessor-based control unit and any combination of MSA Series 5000 Sensors to detect combustible and toxic gases, as well as to monitor for oxygen deficiency. Applications for this universal monitor include parking garages, sewage treatment plants, oil production and processing, steel mills, chemical processing facilities, airport and bus terminals, combustible storage facilities, pipeline pumping stations, oil tankers and pharmaceutical plants.
Each MSA Monitor features a control unit that consists of a module with two completely independent channels. Each channel employs a three-digit LED display and three discrete alarm levels: caution, warning and alarm. Different color LED indicators differentiate each alarm level: yellow for caution, amber for warning and red for alarm. The alarm level for each channel can be displayed by a push-button. A second button, that also permits scrolling, lets you easily change the alarm levels.
The monitor can be used with either one or two remote sensors in any combination. A separate alarm relay output is provided for each alarm level (total of 6). The relays may be configured to be latching or non-latching, normally energized or de-energized, act on increase or decrease.
An optional small hand-held remote control allows the user to check or set alarm levels as well as access the calibration mode without opening the enclosure.
• True one-man calibration cuts maintenance time
• No tools needed to set alarms or program alarm relays
• Unique wiring modules provide the easiest wiring hookup in the industry
• A three-digit LED displays gas concentration and will also automatically display alphanumerically the following:
o Trouble
o Out-of-range
o Under-range
o Calibration
• 4 to 20 mA output signal for each channel
• Color-keyed LED indicators for each alarm level on each channel
• Common trouble relay
• Common horn and horn relay
• All European DIN construction
• 30-second time delay on start-up
• Selection of direct readings ranges
Operating: Temperature Range: -5°F to 122°F (-20°C to +50°C)
Power: 115 or 220 VAC 50 or 60 Hz 50VA
Relay Rating: 5 amps at 115 VAC, (resistive) Form C SPDT
Enclosure Ratings: Model 5100: NEMA 4X
Dimensions: Model 5100: 13.50 in. high x 11.75 in. wide x 7.62 in. deep (343 mm. high x 298.5 mm. wide x 194 mm. deep)
Case Weight: Model 5100: (NEMA 4X) Approximately 13 lbs. (5.9 KG.)