Moberly, MO, USA
$398,000 USD
Metso dryers


removing and separating contaminants from soil, drying and heating a variety of materials, volume reduction of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, cooling materials
Industrial use:
A thermal desorption system remediates contaminated soil. This unit is designed for processing a variety of types of soil, as well as cooling incinerator ash, limestone and coke from a calciner.
Listing number:
Materials that can be processed:
soil, bulk solids, filter cakes, paste, sludge, alumina, carbon black, sodium chloride, plastics, pesticides, potassium chlorides, fine coal, petroleum coke, limestone


Vulcan® Indirect Fired (Metso Holo-Flite) Thermal Desorption System with Vapor Recovery Unit - This system is designed to process up to 2 tons per hour of various contaminated materials. The thermal treatment plant is built in a locatable configuration that allows the components to be easily transported on flatbed and double-drop type trailers with the equipment constructed on skids to allow the electrical equipment, air equipment, piping, etc. The list below summarizes the major sub-systems and skid-mounted components:
Feed System:
Material is loaded into a feed hopper. This hopper is mounted on an incline screw conveyor which forms an airlock. Material feed is regulated with a variable speed drive on the auger.
Discharge System:
Material discharges through the bottom of the holo-flite into a jacketed cooling screw conveyor. The screw conveyor operates at a low rpm to increase heat transfer and create an airlock.
Primary Treatment Unit (Metso Holo-Flite):
Single screw holo-flite is 24" outside diameter x 16' length with 6" pitch. Carbon steel constructed housing. Jacketed trough. Flanged vapor hood. Chain and sprocket driven by Falk enclosed gear reducer and 1.5 hp, 230/460 V, 1,750 rpm, 3-phase electric motor. Refurbished and ready to work. Approximate weight: 4 tons. Gear reducer model: 5B 100F 74. Holo-flite model: S-2416-6.
Thermal Fluid Heater:
Used Fulton FT-0600-C 6 MMBtu Hot Oil Heater - The vertically oriented 6 MMBtu/hr. thermal fluid heater boosts efficiency by utilizing preheated combustion air and a 4-pass combustion gas design. A 7.5 hp combustion air blower mounted at the base delivers air to the top-mounted burner. System fluid capacity: 132 gal. Thermal fluid circulated at a rate of 375 GPM by a 30 hp pump. Maximum operating temperature: 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall dimensions: 88.1" long x 63.4" wide x 143.6" high. Refurbished and in very good condition.
Quench Scrubber:
Our custom-built quench tower utilized a high-pressure direct contact spray to cool the process gas and capture particulate. The quenching fluid is atomized by specialized nozzles to ensure maximum vapor-liquid contact and maximum condensing. Light oils, water and particulate captured in a single unit operation.
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger:
A countercurrent double pipe heat exchanger cools the quenching fluid to approximately ambient temperatures in the inner pipe. The outer pipe recirculates captured process water.
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger:
Process water used in the double pipe heat exchanger is cooled by a finned tubed, air cooled heat exchanger. Filters removed solid particulate to reduce fouling of the tubes. This unit operates similarly to a radiator in a car.
Oil/Water Separator:
Complete oil/water separator with baffles, coalescing media and oil skimmer to assist with oil and water separation. The oil/water separator comes complete with pumps and level controls.
Thermal Oxidizer:
Refractory lined thermal oxidizer rated at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 2 second residence time. The system comes complete with oil or natural gas burner, burner controls and flame arrestor.
The system comes complete with push button electronic controls and built-in relay logic for factory-set safety constraints.