2010 NUMATIC Scheuersaugmaschine TTV678/300 T
Ahlerstedt, Germany
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NUMATIC Scheuersaugmaschine TTV678 / T 300 -
3 nylon scrub brush in basic equipment
2 maintenance-free gel batteries 12V / 100 Ahrintegriertes charging cable, yellow specifications
Brush motor power: 3x 400 W
Power suction motor 400 W
Brush revolutions: 150/200 U / min
Voltage: 2x 12 V (24 V) = 100 Ahr
Fuel capacity: 120 l
Brush diameter: 2x 33 cm
Paddurchmesser: 3 x 30 cm
Working width: 65 cm
Running time: 4 h
Weight: 500 kg
Dimensions: 1676 x 1425 x 1054 mm
The NUMATIC TTV 678/300 T ride-on automatic scrubber is an all-rounder by innovative technology and provides a high degree of flexibility and user-friendliness.
Three different brush variants with premium InstaLoc drive board clean quickly and easily diverse floor coverings in both narrow and wide viewing environment. With just one press of the mechanical locking of the cleaning width from 65 cm to 75 cm or 85 cm can be changed within 30 seconds. The splash guard and the flaps with a brush Obstacle and go thereafter automatically in the selected working width back.
The NUMATIC TTV678 / 300 T is working with its six 12 V batteries up to 4 hours from the power grid. By means of keystroke can be individually preset cleaning programs be quickly retrieved. Its maneuverability makes it possible to turn on one point.
3-way adjustable working width Superb AbsaugergebnisReinigungsgeschwindigkeit, brush speed, brush pressure, amount of water per minute and amount of detergent can be controlled pedestal with three programmable memory locations for individual Voreinstellungenvorprogrammierbare amount of detergent - concentrated cleaning solution from a 4-liter canister with Water from the 120-liter water tank mixed tool-free installation of locking the SauglippenDie Saugfußeswerkzeugfreie details are Iv non-binding and subject to change. They are not to be considered as warranted characteristics, we assume no liability. Price applies to existing condition. For further information on this vehicle, please contact us directly. We will be happy for this Vehicle a financing or leasing offer. Please talk to us.