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Nitric Acid Plant - 354
Perth Amboy, NJ
390 STPD (354 MTPD)


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plant# 317
390 STPD (354 MTPD)
Absorber area:
27 Tray Absorber Tower and Cooled Condensers.
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390 STPD (354 MTPD) Nitric Acid Plant, Designed by Weatherly (Referred to as Ammonia Oxidation Plants), Built 1972. Estimated actual operating time is less than 3 years. Originally installed at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant in Radford, VA. Its nameplate capacity is 390 STPD (354 MTPD). It has been dismantled, and the equipment is currently stored and ready for shipment. Although some process equipment has been removed, major equipment is available such as the compressor train and heat exchanger train with unused components. If you are interested in purchasing individual pieces, view components details at the following link:
Nitric Acid Plant #317 Brochure
Major Equipment
- 44,450 CFM Ingersoll Rand Steam Turbine Driven Compressor train includes: Base Skid, Stage 1,2,3,4 with spare rotor; Intercooler 1 &2 with spare bundles; Terry Steam Turbine with spare rotor; Lube Oil System.
- Heat exchanger train includes: Ammonia-Air Mixer/Converter Cone; Waste Heat Boiler and Steam Accumulator (Used and Spare), Air heater, Tail Gas Inter changer; Tail Gas Heater (Used and Spare); Tail Gas Preheater; Platinum Filter Shell
- Absorber Area: 27 Tray Absorber Tower and Cooled Condensers.
- For complete equipment list contact us.
Nitric Acid, Oxidized Ammonia