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Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) Unit - 165
Perth Amboy, NJ


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plant# 236
165 TPH
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Phoenix Equipment has for sale a used 165 TPH Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) Unit. This hydrodesulfurization unit is used to desulfurize / desulphurize Light Gas Oil (LGO) and Kerosene to give a low sulfur product used for blending to give Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). This catalytic process is designed for 165 TPH of Light Gas Oil (LGO). The catalytic process of hydrodesulfurization, also known as hydrotreating, is the chemical process widely used to remove sulfur compounds from refined petroleum products such as gasoline or petrol, jet fuel, diesel fuel, and fuel oils. One reason for removing sulfur is to reduce sulfur dioxide SO2 emissions that result from the fuel combustion of petroleum products. Another purpose for removing sulfur from the intermediate product naptha streams within a petroleum refinery is that sulfur, even in extremely low concentrations, can severely damage the metal catalysts platinum and rhenium in the catalytic reforming units that are used to upgrade the octane rating in naptha streams. Hydrogenation of sulfur results in the toxic compound of Hydrogen Sulfide. In refineries, toxic hydrogen sulfide is converted into biproduct elemental sulfur.
Major Equipment
This refinery 165 TPH HDS unit uses cobalt molybdenum and nickel molybdenum (protects against olefins in cracked gas oil) as catalysts for ultra-deep desulfurization of the Light Gas Oil and Kerosene. The hydrodesulfurization unit is constructed with the following main areas:
-Mixed Gas Oil Feed Surge Drum
-Mixed Gas Oil Feed Pumps
-Mixed Gas Oil Feed / Stripper Bottoms Heat Exchanger
-Light Gas Oil Feed Surge Drum
-Light Gas Oil Feed Pumps
-Light Gas Oil Feed / Stripper Bottoms Heat Exchanger
-Reactor Feed / Effluent Heat Exchanger
-Reactor Charge Heater
-2 Reactors
-Reactor Effluent / Recycle Gas Heat Exchanger
-High Temperature Separator
-Low Temperature Separator
-Gas Stream Exit High Temperature Separator
-Recycle Gas System
-Product Stripper
-Wash Water Surge Drum
LGO, Kerosene, ULSD