1997 Vanderlande Sortieranlage Shoe Sorter

1997 Vanderlande Sortieranlage Shoe Sorter in Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig, Germany




Our company specializes in complex equipping storage magazines in shelves and warehouse automation. The enthusiasm of our customers is on the first plan. Therefore, to meet all needs and expectations of the recipient of our solutions, our experts are always expanding their skills. Track trends in the world in the field of logistics systems control and monitor the needs of buyers. We follow the customer from the time of their decision for investment. We offer our knowledge and experience, and thus the safety of the execution of the whole enterprise is guaranteed. For sale is a SHOE SORTER manufacturer VANDERLANDE. The sorting system is fully functional. The SHOE SORTER provides high performance sorting of products. High eligibility, combined with high accuracy lead to an excellent result. Dimensions of the sorter offered: Sorter 1 and 2 m wide belt width 1.10m height 0.63 m 1:27 off the ground 0.82m length 110m Sorter 3 width 1.10m belt width 0.95 m height 0.71m Distance from floor 1.10m length 33.5m Sorter 4 m belt width width 1:27 1.11m height 0.63 m to get off the ground 0.82m length 107.5m multiple details, please contact us. Our project team will help you to answer the questions. [...Technical data truncated]
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