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Roundo R-13S 20" MODEL ANGLE
Holland, OH, USA
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Model 2:
R - 13S Angle Bending Roll
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Roll- angle


Model: R - 13S Angle Bending Roll
Serial #: 96620
Machine is equipped with the Shafts, Motors, and Drives that are normally found on the R-15S Model machine, but in the R-13S Frame
Larger than Standard Diameter Shafts on RollS.
Machine Weight is approximately 122,000 Lbs. versus 88,000 Lbs. Standard. The machine measures 16'- Wide x 19' - 6" Long x 11' - 6" Tall
Travel Speed of Materials through Machine: Variable speed 0 to 23 Feet per Minute
Digital Position Indicators for the (2) Rear Adjustable Rolls
Shaft Bolt & Cap Assemblies are made of (3) Different Height Sections, which are Split Halves and can be removed easily for quick adjustment of the assembly.
Beam-on-Edge Device (Hydraulically Powered), with (3) Sets of Pulling Rolls
Hydraulic Pressure Gauge in clear view during operation of device
Adjustable Guide Rolls that are Hydraulically Controlled in (6) Directions: Up / Down; In / Out (Front to Back); and Rotating (Left / Right)
Various Dies and Spacers including the following:
Standard Set of Angle / Bar Rolling Dies
(Grooved for capture of Beam & Channel Flanges when rolling the Easy
Set of Square / Rectangular Tubing Dies:
Dies are Reversible, and made for both 3/8" and ½" Wall Tubing
Numerous Spacer Sets used for the Rolling of Beams on Edge, Rolling Beamsand Channels the Easy Way, Spacing the Dies for Bars, Tubing, etc.
Bolts and Fasteners for the attachment of Die and Spacer Sets
3) Shop Fabricated In-Feed Roller Stands for easy conveying of material to the machine.
The following sets of Pipe / Round Tubing Dies are also included:
(1) Set of 8" Pipe Dies w/ Removable Spacer to convert to 8" OD Tubing
(1) Set of 9" Pipe Dies w/ Removable Spacer to convert to 9" OD Tubing
(1) Set of 10" Pipe Dies w/ Removable Spacer to convert to 10" OD Tubing
(1) Set of 12" Pipe Dies w/ Removable Spacer to convert to 12" OD Tubing
(1) Set of 20" Pipe / OD Tubing Dies
This set has been chamfered on the outside for use in Straightening Split
Die Sets are mounted on stands that are easily moved via forklift
Each of the Pipe / Round Tube Dies are made in halves and bolted together for ease of installation and handling