Zgorzelec, Poland
$18,161 (USD)
John Deere
Z562 mit Rotor und Messern TOP-AGRO 2017


Round baler
400/60-15.5 14PR
Pick-up width:
1.80 m


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Z562 with rotor and blades
The baler Z562 with the rotor and the knives from Metal-Fach, is a further development of the baler Z562, was where for the first time in Poland applied the innovative method for the production of balers where ensure the roll winding chambers reliability and a high crushing degree. Such a solution allows to produce high quality silage (optimum Einsäuerungsbedingungen).
With the baler Z562 with a rotor and 13 knives cutting the food can be better prepared by the higher degree of compaction of the material due to the crushing of the collected material before pressing. That with the baler prepared with cutting blades lining can be easily defined and prepared with the feed wagon and can be more easily taken up by the animals.
The cutting blades are individually secured (with feathers) from damage. They can be easily swiveled with the hydraulic system.
The use of a 180 cm wide grain lifter increases the harvesting performance, by mounting a power winder can harvest power can be increased by up to 30%.
As the first in Poland, the baler was equipped with a Einsäuerungsapplikator with which the feed can be eingesäuert already at harvest.
The modern mechanical locking of the rear flap relieved unlike their hydraulic version, the hydraulic system of the tractor and causes an increased engine power and lower fuel consumption. The wide wheels, the baler can be successfully used in the wet terrain.
On request, the baler may additionally with:
- The central lubrication of sprockets, 410 € net
- A Detergensapplikator improve Einsäuerugsprozesse, 880 € net
- A net wrapping device be equipped € 920 net
Type ME Z562
Machine dimensions:
Length 3730 mm
Width 2470 mm
Height 2050 mm
Weight 2200 kg
Minimum power requirement for PTO 60 kW
Performance up to 20 Stck./Std.
Dimensions of the bale 1200x1200 mm
Attraction winding chamber - solid rolling chamber
Winding system - default: Rope
Option: Power
Material feed to the chamber - crop lifters and fork feeder
Width of the grain lifter 1800 mm
Tires - 400 / 60-15.5 14 PR
Working speed up to 10km / h.
Travel speed up to 20km / h.
Hydraulic tractor connection - 1
Lubrication - central lubrication
Cash on delivery
CE certificate
B safety mark
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