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John Deere
Z589/3 TOP-AGRO NEU 2016 Wechselkammer


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Z589 / 3 exchange chamber press
The exchange chamber press Z589 used for collecting and wrapping the plant material (hay, dried-grass and straw) into cylindrical bales. With the press of 1,200 mm wide bales can be created with a diameter of 500 mm to 1,600 mm.
The press is equipped with a fork feeder (Z589 / 3) or a rotor with knives (Z589 / 2), which can be shut down at any time. The blades are protected with individual spring retainers and the theoretical chop length is about 77 mm.
The crushing degree of the collected material in the press can be adjusted continuously, the setting is made manually on the distributor in the machine. It is possible from the outset highly compacted bales to wrap (hard core) and bale with a less compressed core and high density outer layer (as in fixed chamber balers). That's the difference between our baler and the products of our competitors.
With the control panel the operator can set and observe individual working phases of the machine - of the correct loading of the chamber and increase the bale diameter to the winding phase, the bale ejection and closing the machine before the start of a new cycle of operation.
Standard equipment:
Tires 400/60 -15.5
Tire on Grainlifter
Adjustable hook
Breitwinklige PTO with slip clutch
Power winder
Cable winder - double rope
Central lubrication of chains
Type ME Z589 / 3 exchange chamber press
Machine dimensions:
Length 3920 mm
Width 2400 mm
Height 2500 mm
Weight 2330 kg
Minimum power requirement for PTO 45-60 kW
Performance 25-45 Stck./Std.
Dimensions of the bale 1200x500-1600 mm
Attraction winding chamber - belt-roll chamber
Number of rolls 3 pcs.
Number of belts 6 pcs.
System of cable winding - double Umbindung
System of power coil - double Umbindung
Loading of the comb - fork feeder (ejector)
Width of the grain lifter 2000 mm
Tires - 400 / 60-15.5
Working speed up to 10 km / h
Travel speed up to 40 km / h.
Electrical connection to the tractor:
1 x 7-pin socket Lighting
1 x 3-pin socket 25 AHydraulischer tractor connection -
1 single acting distributor
1 double acting distributor.
Control - electronically from console
Cash on delivery
CE certificate
B safety mark
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