Zgorzelec, Poland
$19,236 (USD)
TOP-Agro N267 8T Düngerstreuer Miststreuer


500/50-17 14PR
Tandem chassis
8.00 t
Loading capacity:
9.00 m³
Spreading material:


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The tandem manure spreader N267 with the loading capacity of 8 tons was equipped with a forward sloped, vertical 4-drum adapter for wide and uniform distribution of manure. The drums work in pairs in opposite directions (observing from behind the machine, the two right-turn counterclockwise, two left clockwise). To reduce the machine vibration during operation each of the drums is balanced. It replaceable teeth were used from high quality steel.
The engine is coupled with the lower adjustable HITCH-hook on the tractor.
To secure the drive an overrunning clutch has been used.
The machine is equipped as standard with a hydraulically folding, the lower part sealed with rubber spring rear flap that protects the material during transportation prior to addition slides. In addition, for smooth operation of the flap a chain synchromesh was used.
As overrun protection of the drum for other users during the driving on public roads manually demountable power was used.
To secure the shelves during loading, the machine is equipped as standard with a wooden flap.
Thus, the machine can also find universal application, 500 mm high massive towers or power attachments can be used.
The machine is controlled with a 2- or 1-section hydraulic system and Bowden cables, which simultaneously also other hydraulically controlled devices (for example, the front loader) can be coupled to the tractor.
For simplifying the lubrication of all lubricating points of the spreader is equipped with a central lubrication system. When lubrication is a certain amount of grease, which is different for single stock and for each of the lubricating points is individually adjustable, supplied. The corresponding grease dose is dispensed at intervals, which is set on the control panel of the central lubrication. The first lubrication cycle takes place when the power for the system, the additional lubrication cycles carried out at specific intervals.
Larger, heavier loaded or permanently working bearings are always supplied with a larger dose of grease.
The central lubrication system significantly shortened the daily maintenance of the machine. It reduces the wear of individual, cooperating elements, bearings and chains.
The central lubrication system is supplied with the voltage of 12V.
Type ME N267
Payload 8000 kg
Loading 9,2 m3
Load compartment length 4000 mm
Overall length 6300 mm
Compartment heights 1150 mm
Overall height 2800 mm
Total mass 3400 kg
Width of the load compartment 2000 mm
Overall width 2360 mm
Width of the scattering regi