Zgorzelec, Poland
$14,190 USD
Top-Agro Containeranhänger T185 Hakenlift BEST PRODUKT


12.00 t
385/55 R 22,5, 491 € net
Tandem chassis
Tires 2:
520/50 - 17, 645 € net
Tires 3:
500 / 50-17
Your tax number is NOT the UID number! Why?
Dead weight:
2870 kg
Hook height:
1450/1570 mm
Track width:
1830 mm
Total weight:
15000 kg
Transport at:
150-500 € Depending on plz.
Transport ch:
150-550 € Depending on Plz.
Transport de:
150-500 € Depending on the number of persons,
Maximum speed:
40 kph
Roll distance:
1070 mm
(abbreviated as:
VAT number in Germany or UID in Austria).
Maximum speed 2:
40 km / h
Container width max:
2550 mm
Container length min / max:
4540 - 4907 mm
Electric-hydraulic steering:
1.514 € net
Tilting angle container max:
46 degrees
Dead weight without container:
. 2870 kg
Total width without container:
. 2360 mm
Total length without container:
. 5940mm
Vehicle height without container:
2512 mm
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Total weight: 15000 kg
Net weight: 2870 kg
Tandem chassis, hydraulic suspension lock for unloading or loading.
40 km / h version, hydraulic support, tires 500/50 - 17
2-circuit air conditioning
More price:
Kugelkopfanhängung K 80, 140 € net
Telescoping support with gear / winch, 56 € net
Hydraulic locking 743 € net
Electro-hydraulic Steuerun: € 1514 net
Tires: 385/55 R 22.5 491 € net
Tires: 520/50 - 17 645 € net
TÜV certificate and Betr.Erlaubnis EUR 250 € net
Technical specifications:
Total weight: 15000 kg
Net weight without container :. 2870 kg
Overall length without container. 5940 mm
Overall width without container. 2360 mm
Hook height: 1450/1570 mm
Roll distance: 1070 mm
Container Length min / max: 4540 - 4907 mm
Container width max: 2550 mm
Container height max; 2000 mm
Vehicle height without container: 2512 mm
Dump containers max: 46 degrees
Required amount of oil; 15 Ltr.
Track width: 1830 mm
Speed ​​max .: 40 km / h
Tyres: 500 / 50-17
Cash on delivery
CE certificate
B safety mark
Gunstige Transport Moglichketen
Transport EN: 150-500 € Dependent upon Plz.
Transportation AT: 150-500 € Dependent upon Plz.
Transport CH: 150-550 € Dependent upon Plz.
The tax identification number or UID number is a
Control number that every company from sole traders to
Corporation may apply to the local tax authority.
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You pay the tax in the country and can be the
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Politicians have devised a solution to this and that is the
UID number, with the turnover in respect of cross-border transactions
within the EU is no longer required. This simplifies things for
Entrepreneurs immensely.
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