HEIL SD 125-42 DRYING SYSTEM [DB-010103] in United States

United States
SD 125-42


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Condition info:
(3-6) Good condition [6]
Current status:
460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
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HEIL SD125-42 Drying System:Dryer System designed around a HEIL Model SD-125-42 3-Pass Dryer with a rated output capacity of 12 to 14 TPH.Part of the system is a MAC dust abatement Filter, and an extensive list of other peripheral components. The system, shut down a short time ago, is complete with the following major components and features:

-- HEIL Triple-Pass 12.5'x 42' Dryer Drum, Serial 1909-72 with the following:* New Insulation and Metal Skin installed in 2009,* Wheels Re-Shimmed in 2013,* New Drive Chain and Idler in 2013,* 16" X 16' 5 HP Screw Auger,* HEIL 40,000 CFM Primary Fan, Serial 1909-72, with 150 HP Drive Motor, (3) Fan Pulley Arrangement Options,* Spare Fan Wheel fully re-conditioned and balanced with Hard Surfacing.

-- Custom-Built WEBB Style Solid Fuel with a rated capacity of 40 MM BTU with the following:* 40 HP. Temperature Control Fan,* 11' dia. x 41' high,* Rebuilt Refractory and Brick in 2013,* 8" Fuel Feed Pipe.

-- Dryer & Material Handling Controls as follows:* HONEYWELL LCD Read/Control Dryer Outlet Temperature Pod,* HONEYWELL LCD Read/Control Dryer Inlet Temperature Pod,* HONEYWELL LCD Read/Control Furnace Temperature Pod,* HONEYWELL LCD Read/Control Furnace Fan Temperature Pod,* ALM Programmable Fuel Drive,* EUROTHERM Temperature Recorder,* SQUARE-D MCC Material Handling Push Button Start/Stop Control,* Wet Product Auger Variable Speed Drive,* Wet Product Feeder Variable Speed Drive,* Multi-Point camera Monitoring System, Solid Fuel Storage Silo as follows:* 14' Diameter X 25' Tall,* (4) 9" Screw Bottom Unloader,* 15 HP KICE Fuel Fan,* KICE Model VR16-8 Bin Vent Filter with Model FC7, 5 HP, 1,205 CFM Fan,* Bin Vent Filter new in 2010 and includes extra set of bags.

-- HEIL Model AIO-25 Wet Product Feeder, 10' Wide X 25' Long, with the following features:* New Apron Bars 2013, Frame and Bed Completely Rebuilt in 2009,* 19" X 36' 5 HP. Screw Auger,* QS1 Inc., part number 9001747, Hydraulic Power Unit for trailer unloading to Wet Product Feeder, with 15 HP, 15 GPM Pump and 30-Gallon Tank.

-- Dry Product High Efficiency Cyclone 12' diam. 52' high Cyclone with Vortex Breaker.

-- BM&M, Model 5X10 2D, Dry Product Screener with 5 HP Drive and 19" x 26' Screw Auger with 5 HP Drive.

-- DRESSER Model 718URAI Product Pump for finished product conveying with the following:* ROOTS Type Blower Rebuilt in 2012 with 60 HP Motor, Silenced Inlets and Outlets.* WESTERN PNEUMATICS Model 20X25 Finished Product Feeder with 5 HP Drive Motor and 20X25 Opening - New in 2009.

-- TUTHILL Model 5009-21R2, "fines" product Pump setup with TUTHILL brand ROOTS Type Blower powered by 15 HP Motor and with Silenced Inlets and Outlets. System components include:* KICE Fines Product Feeder with 2 HP Drive motor, 8" Diameter Opening. The Rotor was rebuilt and Bearings/Seals replaced in 2013.* Elevated Finished Product Platform, 8' X 34' Expanded Metal Platform. 4" X 10" Metal Tube frame, Steps and Safety Railing, and (2) 6" KICE Manual 2-way Diver