2007 HOLZMA HKL 11-43/22 ANGULAR

2007 HOLZMA HKL 11-43/22 ANGULAR PANEL SAW SYSTEM [PA-019121] in

$211,477 USD
HKL 11-43/22


HOLZMA's "Compact" Angular Saw System "HKL 11" with with Bargsted Vacuum System!
Condition info:
(6-8) Very good condition [7]
Current status:
400 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
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Holzma HKL 11/43/22 ANGULAR PANEL SAW SYSTEM with Bargsted Vacuum System:

-- Specifications:Compact Design Angular Panel Saw System with 169" (4,300 mm) Rip & 86.6" (2,200 mm) crosscut cap., 95 mm (3.7") saw blade projection).24 HP (18 kW) main motor, 3 HP (2.2 kW) scoring motor for both RIP & CROSSCUT sections.Both rip & crosscut sections pressure beam equipped with: Pneumatic rack & pinion on each side for evenly controlled movement, assures smooth operation & precise cutting dimensions.

-- Saw Carriages:Infinitely variable forward travel speed from 0 - 492 FPM (0 - 150 MPM), 492 FPM (150 MPM) constant return speed.

-- Rip Cut Section:Electronically controlled program fence with (4) Heavy Duty material clamps, 262 FPM (80 MPM) feed speed forward & 262 FPM (80 MPM) reverse; saw bed panel supports consist of (8) sets of 3-track rollers mounted between panel grippers.

-- Crosscut Section: Electronically controlled program fence with: (6) Material clamps, 262 FPM (80 MPM) feed speed forward & 262 FPM (80 MPM) reverse.Crosscut saw table with (12) banks of double row, narrowly spaced wear resistant PVC wheels.

-- Operator & Machine Control:HOLZMA "CADMATIC 4.0" + Windows "XP" operating system, 17" color monitor (displays cutting dimensions & patterns in moving colored graphics), infinite cutting dimension memory, data input by keyboard or online via network connection.

-- Lift Table System:5-Ton 4-post hydraulic lift table 170" x 87" (4,300 mm x 2,200 mm), lift/load table has driven roller bed, 26.7" (660 mm) stack height from floor level (34.6" max. stack height with pit).

-- Complete with:Powered side & rear load infeed roller system; material outfeed with 3-track roller support & trap door for scrap removal where the panels (book) move from the rip section onto intermediate table, incorporated pneumatic jump aligners then move the ripped panel stacks to the crosscut section onto the same type 3-track roller supports in crosscut saw bed.(2) Very heavy side aligners push panel strip stacks against heavy, full length crosscut fence; outfeed scrap removal chute,(1) Outfeed air float table (2,160 mm x 650 mm) & (2) outfeed air float tables (1,371 mm x 650 mm).

-- Options Include:BARGSTED "TSP 440" Vacuum Stacker; timing belt driven left/right traveling lifting carriage (assembly travels on guide bars).Vacuum assembly: Vacuum pump suction cups performs vertical lifting via "rapid speed" scissor mechanism; Servo drive holds the bars with the vacuum cups.Specifications: Max. panel size of 125" x 47-1/4" (3,200 x 1,200 mm), lift cap. up to 880 Lbs (400 kg), stacking height up to 62" (1,575 mm); max. stacking weight approx. (5) metric tons.

-- Actual model is Holzma HKL 11/43/22 with Bargsted PROFI TSP440/D/30/12/KT.Note: EX-FACTORY’s Logistic Department is experienced and setup to provide “Full Service Logistics� from Overseas Suppliers to your Door. …Packaging, Container Loading, Ocean Freight, Marine Insurance (door to door), US or Canad