2017 Shantui SL30WN in China
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Shantui wheel loaders


Construction Equipment
Cabin type:
Enclosed cab
Engine power:
123 hp
Gross weight:
22,708 lbs
Extra options:


● energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection
The use of advanced dual-pump confluence, priority steering, high pressure unloading technology; electrical system and driving environment to conduct a comprehensive upgrade, the whole machine to improve the speed of the engine, Saving effect ≥ 7%, comprehensive operating efficiency increased by 8%, driver ear noise reduced by 6 dB.
● Superior transmission system
The use of mountain independent research and development of dual-variable, single-stage single-phase three-element large capacity torque converter, fixed-axis power transmission gear transmission power. Power matching is good, the movement is smooth, the job is more powerful. Split structure, easy maintenance. Forward four gear back two speed options, suitable for a variety of harsh conditions, moving more quickly. Drive performance upgrade, traction increased by 10%.
● Advanced hydraulic system
The use of dual-pump confluence, priority unloading technology to achieve automatic power distribution, integrated operating efficiency; lift cylinder bore increased from 110mm to 125mm, lifting capacity increased.
● Driving environment upgrade
Using a number of noise reduction technology and measures, hood to increase the sound insulation material, the use of mold molding cab floor mats, making the driver ear noise reduced by 6 dB, ahead of the country to meet the noise requirements of 2015. Using a modular instrumentation system, to achieve a fault secondary alarm and fault self-sealing function.
● High loading and unloading height
Loading and unloading height of 3057mm, the industry higher. Both to ensure superior loading performance, but also to ensure greater torque to withstand. Loading and unloading a wide range of operations, high efficiency, bucket to achieve automatic flat, reduce the driver labor intensity.
● Optimized wheelbase
2700mm, both to ensure excellent site adaptability and flexibility, but also to ensure the stability of the operation, loading and unloading operations easily.
● Articulated structure
Before and after the rack using its own patented technology of dual positioning articulated structure, the use of more reliable.
● Pendulum design
Pendulum swing up and down 12 ° design, loaders on the rugged road driving more effective on the ground, greater adhesion, stability and through the better.
● manipulation and maintenance
Fuel tank after the shift, work stability improved; hood side door size increases, opening up to 85 °; after the hood widened, ventilation increased. Maintenance space to increase, easy maintenance; rear shift to the outside, more suitable for night work.
● a multi-purpose machine
Grasping wood machine, grab grass machine, installed coal bucket, side unloading bucket, broken hammer and other work devices to choose from.