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1982 16" Chuck Elb SWR-40TNEK
Harrison, NJ, USA
ELB grinding machines
8,000 lbs.


Serial number:
Stock number:
96" Lg, 86" W, 72" H
Grinding wheel size:
14" x 4" x 5" Bore
Approx. machine weight:
8,000 lbs.
Rapid vertical traverse:
6" IPM
Grinding wheel speeds (2):
1,750/3,450 RPM
Diameter electro-magnetic chuck:
Infinitely variable table speeds:
20 to 65 rpm
Height under new 14" diameter wheel:


16" ELB (Made in Germany) Horizontal Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder
Model: SWR 40T NC-K S/N: 178560-182 New: 1982
Diameter Electro-Magnetic Chuck: 16"
Height Under New 14" Diameter Wheel: 12"
Infinitely Variable Table Speeds: 20 to 65 rpm
Continuous Cross Feed, Feed Rate Infinitely Variable (inches per minute): 4" to 40"
Rapid Vertical Traverse: 6" IPM
Infinitely Variable Automatic Incremental Downfeed: 0.0001" to .0025"
Grinding Wheel Speeds (2): 1,750/3,450 RPM
Grinding Wheel Size: 14" x 4" x 5" Bore
Footprint: 96" Lg, 86" W, 72" H
Approx. Machine Weight: 8,000 lbs.
Equipped With:
Programmable Auto Cycle Controller:
system includes digital readout display & thumb wheel
controlled pre-dimension & finish settings, including +/- correction,
presetting & zero button.
Automatic downfeed & sparkout timer.
Retract of spindle to start position @ completion of cycle.
Programmable auto wheel dressing w/compensation.
Dressing & compensation take place each time at pre-dimension
automatically at cycle or push button controlled within grinding cycle.
This amount is automatically added to the readout display.
Traveling Column Design for the Reciprocation of the Grinding Wheel
over the Electro-Magnetic Chuck.
Pendant Control (All Machines Functions)
16" Electro-magnetic Chuck w/ Variable Hold Neutrofier
Radial Pole (Clover Leaf) Ring Pattern
Table Drive is provided by Electric D.C. Motor Drive
Cross Feed is provided by Electric D.C. Motor Drive
Automatic Central Lubrication
Factory optional 14" Wheel
Serviced by ELB Factory Technician....Mr. Semyon Valshtein....973-993-9644
Also, extra service parts for the machine and repair manual
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