Mettingen, Germany
$4,580 USD
Böschungsmulcher PM 160 XXL


750 kg
Working width:
1.60 m
Tractor mounted:


Flail mulcher, model PM 160 XXL
The latest generation of the latest generation of machines, in which all our know-how from 25 years of activity in the field of greenland technology is at stake. Manufactured under license in Poland. Super robust design and with a processing that no comparison with devices by Müthing or Dueker must shy away. Particularly suitable for mowing and mulching slopes (working position up to 90 degrees - angle possible) or trenches (inclination angle up to 65 degrees), laterally offset behind the tractor. Angle of inclination and lateral offset separately hydraulically adjustable (see photos), working width 1,600 mm, with 800 gram heavy, multiagressive Hammerschlegeln, which hang in new kinds of mountings, which are particularly resistant to rockfall.
Extending straps in "igus" bushes (especially wear-resistant) ensure an enormous working radius. With a working width of the mulcher of 1.6 mtr, the end of the mulcher is located in a completely laterally extended condition a good 2.800 mm away from the tractor center. This can only be found with absolute profimulators, which are usually 1/3 more expensive than our PM -XXL!
Due to the high dead weight of the Hammerschlegel combined with the increased number of rotation of the bevel shaft, a tremendous impact force is achieved which allows you to cope with even the roughest work (5 - 6 cm thick branches, whole bushes etc) without problems, but also with the straight cutting edges of the beaters Perfect mulch cutting of the meadow. Due to the "multiagressive" arrangement of the flails, the material to be cut is smoothed small. Also very strawy material or the application on the stubble field is not a problem. The cutting height can be easily adjusted by means of lateral skids. These skids are shaped so that they also hold the brackets of the flange bearings for the leveling roller. It is therefore only necessary to adjust the skids in height, which is an enormous work relief.
The bevel shaft is driven via 17-piece V-belts (see pictures), whereby the new clamping device can be easily reached and adjusted from the outside. By means of a counter pressure roller on the belt, the tension is very easy and effective to adjust (no screw work on the transmission as with other manufacturers). In addition, the mulcher is equipped with a free-wheel gearbox. The mulcher is mounted on the rear three - point device Cat. II and driven at 540 rpm. On the front side of the device, floating rubber hangers prevent the escape of stones or the like. The device complies with the applicable safety standards and is CE - certified. The weight of the mulcher is approx. 860 kg. A tractor with a power output of 65 HP is enough. Two double-acting hydr. Control circuits on tractor required.
Here are the main advantages (please compare it with the many other offers and make your own opinion):
Innovative V-belt tensioning, very simple and precise operation from the outside. Counterp