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Jorns Twin-MaticProDouble bending is the most efficient and least labour intensive method of processing sheet metal in a Slitter Folder machine. Developed by Jorns AG, the TwinMatic-Pro double bending machines operate using both upper and lower bending beams to process your Sheetmetal profiles, which guarantees profitability, safety and flexibility for your sheet metal processing and special job orders.There is no longer a requirement for two or more operators to reverse or turn the profile when bending long and heavy sheet metal components. Jorns AG were the first manufacturer in the world to introduce the double bending concept to the sheet metal industry, and they continue to be the industry leader in the innovation and safety of double bending machines.Positive-negative bending using two bending aprons renders the Jorns TwinMatic-Pro twice as fast as traditional bending machines; and now with Jorns new multi proportional hydraulic system which allows several axes of the machine to move simultaneously e.g. the lower bending beam can be retracted at the same time that the upper bending beam is moved to the bending position, the Jorns TwinPro can process profiles up to 20% faster than ever before. The fully automatic TwinMatic-Pro machines are built in the lengths 3.2, 4, 6.4, 8, 10 and 12.2 meters and can process sheet steel up to a thickness of 3 mm (400 N/mm2) with an insertion depth of either 1150mm or 1300 mm.Please click on the 'Videos' tab to view an example of how much faster the new generation of Jorns Twinmatic pro machines can process your Sheetmetal profiles. Standard Features CP100Twin 21" CNC Touchscreen Controller Pneumatic Clamping Fingers 1150mm or 1300mm Insertion Depth Hydraulic radius Adjustment ( TwinPro 200 and 300) Offline programming for PC/Android/Apple and Windows Divided backgauge clamping system (on pnuematic backgauges with 4 or more fingers) Multi beam light curtain monitoring Sheet Cassettes Remote Foot Pedal (1 or 2 man) Operation Emergency Stop Rail Safety fencingOptional features Hydraulic Clamping Fingers Shear with 1.5mm Capacity Shear with 3.0mm Capacity Hydraulic radius Adjustment ( TwinPro 125 and 150) Hem Pretensioning Jorns new MultiProportional Hydraulic System. Process Speeds are Increased by up to 20% by Allowing the Simultaneous Movement of Multiple Axes. Short Part clamping Fingers Tapered backguage Geometry 'G' - Special Tooling Profile With Inclined Bending Beams which allows for profiles as small as 25mm x 25mm x 25mm Laser Hardened Tooling Wireless Connectivity for Offline Software Brush cassettes Horizontal/Vertical Profile Rollformers Oil cooling/Heating Handling Table Extended Warranty