Zgorzelec, Poland
$3,539 USD
Wiesenwalze Best Produkt 2016 2,5m - 2,75m
Working Width:
2.50 m


Furrow press
1,200 kg
1,016 mm
Your tax number is NOT the UID number! Why?
Transport at:
150-500 € Depending on plz.
Transport ch:
150-550 € Depending on Plz.
Transport de:
150-500 € Depending on the number of persons,
Working width:
2.50 m
(abbreviated as:
VAT number in Germany or UID in Austria).
For you as a buyer in the eu area:
If you as a company with company in the EU area


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Tax free shopping ????
NET SHOPPING WITH USt.IdNr. (Inter National Tax Number or
Sales tax identification number) possible.
More info about USt.IdNr. and Tax-free shopping can be found below.
RATES One-piece:
2,5m fi 1,016m 1200kg € 3,000 net
2,75m fi 1,016m 1260kg € 3,100 net
2,5m fi 1,220m 1450kg € 3,500 net
2,75m fi 1,220m 1530kg € 3,600 net
PRICES two parts:
2,5m fi 1,016m 1250kg € 3,400 net
2,75m fi 1,016m 1320kg € 3,500 net
2,5m fi 1,220m 1520kg € 3,900 net
2,75m fi 1,220m 1600kg € 4,000 net
The meadow roller MORS finds use in the care of the meadows and pastures, on football and golf courses, when you create the lawn. The rollers can maintain soil moisture and leads to the development of useful soil cultures. Rounded edges protect the drum pastures.
Basic equipment:
Drawbar with jack stand
one-piece or two-piece Meadow Roller
Drum diameter of 1016 or 1220 mm
sprung wipers
Wall 12 mm
two inlet and outlet spigot
filled with water, the weight is regulated
Special equipment:
Chassis unrestrained € 1,350 net
Chassis braked € 2,000 net
Hydraulic Brake € 400 net
hydraulic brake for two part-celled € 450 net
Cash on delivery
CE certificate
B safety mark
Gunstige Transport Moglichketen
Transport EN: 150-500 € Dependent upon Plz.
Transportation AT: 150-500 € Dependent upon Plz.
Transport CH: 150-550 € Dependent upon Plz.
The tax identification number or UID number is a
Control number that every company from sole traders to
Corporation may apply to the local tax authority.
Important: Your control number is NOT the UID number! Why visit
the number at all? In the EU, there are many states, each state has
his own VAT rates. Buy one abroad, then have
You pay the tax in the country and can be the
not retrieve money.
Politicians have devised a solution to this and that is the
UID number, with the turnover in respect of cross-border transactions
within the EU is no longer required. This simplifies things for
Entrepreneurs immensely.
For you were BUYER within the EU: If you as a company with business in the EU
purchase goods (machinery, etc.), then you need to have a VAT number,
then you can net (tax free) shopping abroad.
The UID number facilitates not only financially everyday because
You pay less, even dealing with the sales tax is in order
lot easier. Remember: When shopping abroad,
then you must pay the normal tax and there Common
you get NOT return! Or. it can be very complicated and
take a long time. There are also large differences between VAT
EU countries. For example, in Poland is 23%, in Germany 19%, Austria 20%,
Denmark 25%, Hungary 27%, etc.
Alone VAT differences amounts betwee Poland and Germany
4%. So for every € 1,000,