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Bruker AXS SRS 3400 7KP1025-1
Borken, Germany
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Bruker AXS
SRS 3400 7KP1025-1


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Sequence-ray spectrometer
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Here we offer a Bruker AXS X-ray spectrometer sequence SRS 3400. Sequence-ray spectrometer SRS 3400 Manufacturer: BRUKER AXS program: SPECTRA plus V1.30 1. Space requirements Dimensions: 186x88x126 weight (base unit): approx 750 kg Optimum room temperature: 240C max temperature fluctuation. 70C Max temperature gradient. 20C / h Relative humidity: + 20 do 80%, no condensation, the heat emitted into the ambient air must be removed with a ventilation or air conditioning. 2. media requests connection to the electrical network: AC, three-phase flow cooling water supply: Flow rate: min 3.6 l / min Water pressure: 4-8 bar water temperature: 10 to 200C Integral consumption: 1.8 l / min at 3 kW lamp power 3 . Legal requirements Depending on Workshop 4. Specifications X-ray source: type AG66 anode Material: Rhodium (Rh) anode voltage: max 60 kV emitter current: max 100 mA Power: max 4 kW Berylliumfensterdicke: 125 pm filter changer: Number of positions: 10 watts: 0.1 mm al. ; 0.2 mm Al. ; 0.5 mm Al. ; 0.8 mm Al. ; 0.2 mm Cu; 0.3 mm Cu; Originally radiation aperture pierwotnego; and three vacant positions. Kolimatoren: Number of positions: 4 Available aperture angle: crystal changer: Number of positions: 8 crystals: LiF (420); LiF (220); LiF (200); Germanium; PET; AdP; TIAP; OVO-55; OVO-B; OVO-B / C; OVO-C Szintillatio [...Technical data truncated]