2010 GEARTEC GT 200 Geartester
Essen, Germany
GT 200


Subcategory 2:
Gearwheel testing machines
Subcategory 3:
Condition info:
Used machine Rebuilt with latest software


Main applications and functions of the machine The gear meter GT 200 was designed and built taking into account the latest knowledge and experience in the field of metrology. It is possible that device to use in the measuring room and also directly in the manufacturing process. The device is intended for the measurement of spur gears with straight or helical teeth. Using appropriate software and accessories apparatus for the measurement of internal gears, hobs and kick wheels can also be used. Evaluation: spur gears, pinion shafts, worm gears, gear hobs, straight knife: In the basic version, the GT200 gauge for measuring the geometry of gears as is. Measure the parameter profile, pitch and pitch deviations. Profile deviations Ff total profile deviation fha profile angle deviation ff profile form deviation c Profilballigkeit slope deviations Fb edge lines-total deviation fhb flank line angle deviation fbf flank line shape deviation cb crowning division deviations Fr runout mp total pitch deviation fpt-division single deviation fu division jump dimensions of the teeth Mz dental Wide Mass Mdk role Mass evaluation and definition of the deviations is gem. DIN 3,962th Specifications Gear GT 200 meter max. Diameter 200 mm range of modules measured about 0.5 6 mm Max. Weight of the mea [...Technical data truncated]