Donnersdorf, Germany
$70,388 USD
PTW 11500


Hopper capacity:
11.50 litres
External condition:
Technical condition:
sehr gut


Operating hours: 200; Pump output: 6 l / h; Suction line: 200 mm; Hydr. Foldable: yes
Duport Pumptankwagen Manure spreader PTW 11500
11,500 ltr. Content, N e u b e r e i f t !!!!!!!!
Standard equipment with eccentric screw pump
6000 ltr. L100 (10000ltr.lower) Brakes Compressed air 2. Ltg, bottom ball K80, support load road 3to, field up to 5to, vehicle frame to accommodate high traction and lifting loads for attachments, Tires, new BKT 1050/50-R32 with external width max. 300cm, special axle
Three-point device type "Z" (heavy version)
Hydr.mechan. Switchable transmission for pumping control
Electrohydraulic operation incl. Aut. Depth guide for attachments, suction arm 8 "horizontal, 180 degrees, with dock ball and vent, additional suction hose 6", connections 6 "left and right,
40 cm / h 1 year warranty from the manufacturer for an extra charge with Duport demonstration Slotting machine All Track Professional HD 6536, working width 650 cm, yr 2015 33.700 € net + VAT alternatively maize injector 6736 Bj 2014 6000 m³ gelaufen passend zum Spur 225 cm bei 9 Reihen 3in1 single disc special system (centrically smooth disc 5mm, left and right curved with S 8 mm each disc sharpened, therefore extremely stable hardness 50-55 Rockwell, double bearing), application also in grain, working width 6.5m, 36 disc elements 18 Double elements, spring loaded, with trailing edge (curves), disc spacing in the element 18 cm, weight approx. 2280 Kg, 3 pts. Attachment KAT 2 + 3, hydr. Drip stop at the outlets, hydr.autom. Folding frame lock standard (transport safety), automatic depth control, feeler wheel
German variant m. Black rubber-steel hoses extremely strong (stones, frost, biogas etc.), lighting, warning signs, instruction manual and ET list