2016 Hezinger-BendingLine MG4R3018C Hydraulic 4-roller
Kornwestheim, Germany


Subcategory 3:
Hydraulic 4-roller Plate Bending Machine


Plate width: 3,100 mm Thickness: 18.0 / 14.0 mm direct drive of upper and lower roll by hydraulic motors on planetary gear Automatic adjustment of the speed of rotation of inner to outer diameter of notification of the side rolls over knee lever, optimal power transfer and smallest diameters up to 1.1 times the upper roll size at both ends pre-bending parallelism of the side rollers with maintenance-free torsion Continuously adjustable pressure of the lower roll with manometer Digital Display (2 pieces) for the side roll position Hydraulic folding stock for easy removal of closed pipes Low-maintenance machine concept with Daürschmierung all mounting base Accessories Conical with inclination of the two side rolls and the lower roller and with hardened start bearing or thrust roller Forged and hardened rolls with a strength of 53-55 HRC calibration means for rounding of closed pipes Hydraulic brake on the top roll to wake reduction CNC graphic control touch command touch screen control for the fully automatic handling of bending tasks materials library management thicknesses, material and bending behavior workpiece management for basic shapes such as cylinders, spirals, Elypsen and other forms Practically unlimited program memory products for Operation 1. Manual all axes on the operating lever [...Technical data truncated]