Reisopack Omsnoeringsmach 2901 VP0000035 in De Lier, Netherlands

Reisopack Omsnoeringsmach 2901 VP0000035 in
De Lier, Netherlands
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Reisopack Omsnoeringsmach
2901 VP0000035


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Strapping machine (New) VP0000035
Brand: Reisopack
Type: 2901
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Model strapping machine: automatic
Horizontal strapping
Suitable for black strap
Type: 2901
Model: horizontal automatic strapping machine, with corner reinforcement system
Strap tension: mechanical strap regulator for the highest tension
Voltage: 220/380 v 50/60 Hz 3 Phase
Electric consumption: 2k VA
Production speed: 40 to 60 pallets per hour (max. 1 pallet per minute)
Dimensions: +/- 357 x 202 x 167cm / 120 x 67 x 187cm / 168 x 168 x 120cm
Programming: easy to program by pressing a button, while the machine is at the required height
Strap height: Min. strap height of the first strapping with corner reinforcements is approx. 113 cm
Strap width: 8-12-15.5mm (factory settings)
Strap thickness: 0,63 - 0,85mm
Min. strap height: 133 mm of the first strapping with corner reinforcements
Max. strap height: 2700 mm
Time strapping 1 pallet: 55 seconds (with 3 strappings and 4 corner)
Measurements of corner reinforcements to use: 35x35, 40x40, 45x45, 30x30 is also possible,
but proper functioning is not guaranteed
Number of corner reinforcements: stock magazine suitable for 43 to 50 corner reinforcement
40mm = 50 items, 50 mm = 43 items
Heating system : electric heating system, heating temperature and cooling time can be set variably
Remote control: optional
Safety system: by means of contact detection system
PLC: Omron CPM 2A
Colour: blue (RAL5001) / yellow (RAL1007)
Operation: by touch screen one stop (1200mm)
The Reisopack 2901 can process several types of pallets and can be placed both freestanding as well as in a processing line. When the machine is used without a processing line, the driving-position-angle option is necessary.
Delivered complete with tape magazine and conduction set.
Requirement of the machine is that the shortest side of the pallet is to be placed against the column.
Required connections (not included):
- 380 v 50/60 Hz 3 Phase (5p c-form 16A)
- Compressed air connection minimum of 6 bar
- Air consumption: 2901 - 200ltr./min