New South Wales, Australia
$45,774 (USD)
Automated grain packing system


Condition info:
Subcategory 2:
Packaging & bottling


An integrated and complete ground-mounted system for bulk grain packing at a distribution centre or point.
System includes:
Aust-Mech 14.2 x 9’ mobile Tubeveyor
? Tubeveyor complete with “S” drive, spring tensioners,
? 10kw, 415V, #3 drive motor,
? removable intake hopper & adjustable low impact outlet chute
Aust-Mech Container filling boom with Frame
? Container filling shuttle trough conveyor complete with support
stand, rails access walkway,
? electrically powered conveyor with hydraulic shuttle,
? J chute,
? spreader plate (at outlet),
? spring tensioners,
? 10kw drive motor to conveyor belt,
? support stand c/w 7.5kw electric hydraulic power pack
? hydraulic supply to conveyor shuttle winch.
Aust-Mech Weighbridge and Railway Trolley including weighing frame
? Weighbridge & Railway including approach tracks,
? weighbridge rails on rigid frame mounted on 4 load cells,
? indicator complete with RS 232 interface (to your computer etc)
? 50mm display (at worksite)
? requires concrete foundations.
Container platforms with Hydraulic drive
? One pair complete with flexible coupling
? each on 4 wheels,
? 3.2m wheel base,
? 5.6m rail gage,
? fixed corner locators to accept 20’ containers,
? hydraulic wheel drives to 2 wheels on each platform,
? Auto (spring loaded, hydraulic release)
? disc brakes,
? c/w hydraulic hose support frame to allow 4.3m travel.
Hydraulic power pack
? Container side travel & brake control
? Unit comprises 415V #3 electric drive motor,
? pump reservoir complete with suction & return filtration,
level/temperature gauge.
Aust-Mech intake from trucks 9’ Tubeveyor
? swing away Tubeveyor complete with 650mm delivery height,
? 5.5kw, 415V, #3 drive motor,
? 1.5m front intake hopper,
? lockable tail casters,
? ball race mount at head complete with drive motor.
Aust-Mech under silo mobile 5m x 9” mobile Tubeveyor
? c/w head drive,
? tail tension,
? removable hopper,
? 5.5kw, 415V, #3 drive motor
? low line under slung motor,
? V belt drive,
? special under carriage with hand hydraulic raise and lower,
? c/w drive motor
Davidson Bros electric cabinet with soft starter, VSC and PLC
4 x ASKA 22.68t load cells.
? 1 x stainless steel junction box
? 1 x Rinstrum 5100 indicator. SIN 3290851
? 1 x 0216 relay
? 1 x 0241 setpoint card, number 3291277
? 1 x panel mount bracket
The container filling shuttle trough conveyor (item 2 above) is capable of capacities up to 5-6 tonnes/minute depending on the commodity. However, according to AMPS’s specifications at the time, the equipment feeding the container filler (items 1, 6 and 7) have a smaller capacity of up to 2 tonnes/minute. The container platforms/trolleys shuttle between positions within approximately 30 seconds. Total down time between container filling operations would be less than 1 minute.
The system incorporates intake via a 9” Aust-Mech Swing Away to the bucket elevator. The under silo Aust-Mech 9” Tubeveyor receives directly from the silos above it and via a small push a