Nieuwenrode, Belgium
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Description: Competitive power powerful: With 2.8 kw, this machine sets the standard for the 50cc class worldwide. Renovated engine house with extra large air duct provides extremely efficient cooling and guarantees long life under the most severe operating conditions. Excellent Power / Weight ratio using magnesium carter and advanced cylinder design with quadruple, closed coil ports. Starting without any effort, thanks to the spring support on the pull cord and the "memory power" ignition, which also provides a powerful spark at low speed. Convenient "touch-on-stop" choke and throttle keeps the machine ready for use and guarantees a comfortable and error-free operation. Inner coupling drum and smooth chipboard space provide unobstructed chip removal and smooth chain change. Side chain tensioner for easy and reliable chain tension control. Particularly vibrational, by a sophisticated system with three steel springs and two lateral shock absorbers that are insensitive to temperature changes and are not affected by oil or gasoline. Ergonomic design with smooth rounded surfaces. Environmentally friendly, adjustable oil pump only works with running chain. Indestructible tank stoppers with stoppered square threads and s-shaped grip profiles are easy to close manually and can be opened without any damage with the combination key, if necessary. Patented airmaster valves provide automatic evacuation of dust and saw blades from the inlet chamber during idle rotation and excellent sound attenuation at the rear axle. Equipped with sharp full-length sanding chain with rising drive switch for particularly aggressive saw blades with low risk of kickback. Delivered in a metal case with two chains, a chain file, a two-stroke oil bottle and a bus chain oil. Technical data 2-stroke engine + cylinder capacity 50.0 cc cylinder bore 45 mm stroke 31.44 mm maximum power output 2.8 kw max output power 3.8 hp speed at maximum power 10000 rpm. Maximum net torque 3.1 nm speed at maximum torque 7000 rpm. Ratio weight / power 1.82 kg / kw speed unloaded max. 13800 rpm. Chain speed at max. Power 22.2 m / sec. Nominal sword length 450 cm type of chain 099 chain pitch (3 rivets: 2) 3/8 "" "switching width (groove width) 0.058" "" switching width (groove width) 1.5 mm number of drive links 64 fuel tank capacity 0.47 l contents chain oil tank 0.27 l net weight 5 , 1 kg