Nieuwenrode, Belgium
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Description: Excellent strength / weight ratio by the use of a magnesium crankcase and cylinder by the advanced design with four-fold, closed transfer ports. Up to 15% lower fuel consumption than the previous model and reduced emissions values ​​in accordance with 2002/88 / EC thanks to the exhaust with SLR technology, which unburned gases recoil to the cylinder. Lateral chain tensioner for easy and reliable control of the chain tension. Decompression button creates a greatly reduced starting resistance. Extremely low vibration thanks to the studied damping system using steel springs with movement limiter. Lying within clutch and chain and smooth chip space for a smooth chip evacuation. Durable metal pump with economical and environmentally friendly operation: the flow rate is adjustable and there is oil only invoked when the chain runs. Patented airmaster valves ensure automatic evacuation of dust and cut pieces from the inlet chamber at idle and excellent sound damping at full throttle. Maintenance-free digital ignition ensures optimum combustion in a wide speed range. Equipped with sharp volbeiteltandketting with increasing driving link for particularly aggressive cuts with little risk of kickback. Technical data Displacement 78.5 cc Specific fuel consumption 460 g / kWh Maximum power output 4.3 kW Maximum power output 5.8 hp RPM at maximum power rpm 10000 Maximum net torque 4.7 Nm Speed ​​at maximum torque 7000 rpm Power / weight ratio 1.53 kg / kW load speed max. 12,800 rpm Chain speed at max power 20.8 m / sec Recommended bar length 38-70 cm Nominal sword length 60 cm Type of chain 099 chain stitch (3 rivets: 2). 3/8 "switch depth (groove width) 0058" Switching depth (groove width) 1.5 mm Number drive links 80 fuel Capacity 0.75 l chain oil tank 0.42 l Triax vibration left / front (ah) 6.6 m / s Triax vibration right / rear (ah) 4.5 m / s Guaranteed noise level (Ld) 117 dB ( A) Volume (LWA) 113 dB (A) Sound pressure level (LpA) 104 dB (A) Net weight 6.6 kg