MAKITA MULTI-TOOL in Nieuwenrode, Belgium

MAKITA MULTI-TOOL in Nieuwenrode, Belgium
Nieuwenrode, Belgium
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Description: This universal, durable and economical tool allows you to perform a variety of tasks with a single device, depending on the accessory accessory. The various attachments are exchanged quickly thanks to the robust and easy-to-use toolless quick-release system. High-grade Makita mini-four stroke engine delivers the same power as a comparable two-stroke engine, but has a noticeably lower consumption, less emissions, slows down and longer life. Easy to start thanks to the pump and automatic decompression that greatly reduces the required pulling force. Qualified engine construction with chrome-plated cylinder, two-sided bearing rod, metal valve plug, fluorinated rubber oil seal etc. Thanks to the high production quality, the MM4 engine not only has a long life but also is extremely maintenance-friendly; The valves should be adjusted only after 200 hours. Innovative oil mist lubrication system allows work in all positions. Toolless air filter access for easy maintenance. View window in the carter allows easy control of the oil level. Technical data Engine type Makita MM4 4-stroke head valves (OHV) Cylinder content 25.4 cc Oil grade content 0.08 l Specific fuel consumption 408 g / kwh Maximum output power 0.77 kW Maximum power output 1.05 hp Speed ​​at maximum power 7000 rpm. Maximum net torque 1.1 Nm Speed ​​at maximum torque 5500 rpm. Cruising speed max. 10000 rpm. Fuel tank capacity 0.6 l Traction pump Automatic decompression Handle shape D Dimensions (L x W x H) 975 x 323 x 241 mm Net weight 4.6 kg Standard accessories 125516-5 carrying strap 242072-1 oil filling bottle 195500-4 4-stroke engine oil 783202-0 wrench 783203-8 wrench 351010153 Wrench Optional accessory 195638-5 Wrench for multi-tool EM400MP Wrench Mower >> ER400MP Wrench Grabmer >> EN400MP Wrench Wrench Scissor EY400MP Wrench Chainsaw KR400MP Wrench Groundmower