MAKITA MULTI-TOOL in Nieuwenrode, Belgium
Nieuwenrode, Belgium
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Description: This universal, durable and economical tool makes it possible to carry out without problems various activities with a single device, depending on the mounted accessory. The various attachments are exchanged in an instant thanks to the robust and user-friendly tool-free quick clamping system. Makita quality mini-stroke engine delivers the same power as a comparable two-stroke engine but has a markedly lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, runs quieter and has a longer life. Easy to start thanks to the pump and the automatic decompression which greatly reduces the required traction. Qualitative motor construction with chrome cylinder, two-sided connecting rod bearings, metal kleppennok, oil seal of fluoro rubber, etc. Thanks to the high production quality, the MM4 engine not only a long life but he is also very low maintenance; as the valves must be adjusted only once every 200 hours. Innovative oil mist lubrication system makes it work in all placements. Tool-free access to the air filter for easy maintenance. Viewing window in the crankcase allows an easy control of the oil increasing. Specifications Engine type Makita MM4 4-stroke overhead valve (OHV) Displacement 25.4 cc Contents oil sump 0.08 liters Specific fuel consumption 408 g / kWh Maximum power output 0.77 kW Maximum power output 1.05 HP Speed ​​at maximum power 7000 rpm Maximum net torque 1.1 Nm Speed ​​at maximum torque 5500 rpm Load speed max. 10,000 rpm Fuel tank capacity 0.6 l lift pump automatic decompression Handle Form D Dimensions (L x W x H) 975 x 323 x 241 mm Net Weight 4.6 kg Standard Equipment 125516-5 242072-1 strap vulflesje oil 195500-4 4-stroke engine oil 783202-0 783203-8 Allen wrench Allen wrench 351 010 153 combination wrench Optional accessories 195638-5 storage bag for multi-tool attachment EM400MP brush cutter attachment ER400MP >> trimmer >> EN400MP attachment pole hedge trimmer attachment EY400MP pruning chainsaw attachment KR400MP tiller