12 - inch ( 300mm

12 - inch ( 300mm ) HFCVD System for CVD Diamond & Related Materials in Sterling, MA, USA

Sterling, MA, USA
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Documentation includes selected hardcopy and electronic CAD drawings.
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Hot Filament CVD system engineered for diamond deposition on a 12 inch (~300mm) rotary platen.
Design offers excellent potential for diamond, CNTs & related nanomaterials processing for both R&D and/or production.
This equipment was engineered and used by an industrial entity for commercial CVD production using a hydrogen-based process. 2-chamber system design includes loading chamber and HFCVD hot zone separated by large gate valve. This design enables continuous operation of filaments for many days without shutdown. Equipment employs a 4-zone filament array with independent controls for each zone. Rotary stage maximizes deposition uniformity. Large HFCVD hot zone and push rod design enable substrate-to-filament distance control. Refractory metal filaments can operate at >2000C and enable thermal decomposition of H2 and hydrocarbons into activated species. Specialty, water-cooled MDC chambers maintain low temperature chamber wall while substrate is heated to elevated temperatures via atomic hydrogen recombination and radiational heating.
Deposition over >12 inch diameter or coating on 3-D shapes should be viable with process and fixture development.
Images of a typical HFCVD system installation are attached.
12-inch (300mm) HFCVD System
Cline Innovations offers experience with activated CVD of carbon based materials dating back to 1989 including roles in academia and industry.
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