Archive shelf / shelf approximately
Wilhelmshaven, Germany
$10,363 USD


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Archive shelf / shelf approximately 19,850 files folder
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Used machine well, ready for use
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Subcategory 2:
Material handling


Complete price - only 5.99 per linear meter ring binders! net (sale to businesses only) Special Price - Only complete loss of employees: 23 double rows (gondola) consisting of mm with 2 diagonal crosses = 6000mm per row The Shelving item provides storage space for 6 shelf levels, complete 138 m long and 2,200 mm high. Technische_Daten type: Type 3 Luhe archive shelving / Filing Cabinet Height: 2200 mm Depth: 2 x 300 mm field length: 1000 mm to 1250 mm are supplied: 23 double rows (gondola) consisting of mm with 2 diagonal crosses = 6000mm per row space requirements: total 138 meter x0,6m divided into og Rows total yards folder: 138 x 2 rows = 276 mx 6 floors = 1656 meters folders (approx .19.850 folder wide = 80mm) 6 folder above / With side facing color: gray powder coated Advantages: You get the best used goods. Super Easy to assemble or disassemble for quick drop with GS Approval Due to our large warehouse we deliver fast with short waiting times. The right fit, order your desired amount. Efficient design allows plenty of storage space in a small space. More efficient use of your warehouse. More room for the next season business